cong2 Reading Pinyin ジュウ Reading On ショウ Reading On ジュ Reading On したが. Reading Kun したが.える Reading Kun より Reading Kun jong Reading Korean Reading Korean
accompany Meaning obey Meaning submit to Meaning comply Meaning follow Meaning secondary Meaning incidental Meaning subordinate Meaning accompagner Meaning fr obéir Meaning fr se soumettre à Meaning fr se conformer à Meaning fr suivre Meaning fr s'ensuivre Meaning fr secondaire Meaning fr accessoire Meaning fr subordonné Meaning fr seguir Meaning es obedecer Meaning es doblegar Meaning es acompanhar Meaning pt obedecer Meaning pt submeter a Meaning pt concordar Meaning pt seguir Meaning pt subordinado Meaning pt acidental Meaning pt secundário Meaning pt

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