an4 Reading Pinyin アン Reading On つくえ Reading Kun an Reading Korean Reading Korean
plan Meaning suggestion Meaning draft Meaning ponder Meaning fear Meaning proposition Meaning idea Meaning expectation Meaning bill Meaning worry Meaning plan Meaning fr suggestion Meaning fr projet (loi) Meaning fr réflexion Meaning fr peur Meaning fr proposition Meaning fr idée Meaning fr attente Meaning fr plan Meaning es idea Meaning es sugerencia Meaning es borrador Meaning es plano Meaning pt sugestão Meaning pt esboço Meaning pt ponderar Meaning pt medo Meaning pt proposição Meaning pt idéia Meaning pt expectativa Meaning pt conta Meaning pt preocupar Meaning pt

tuo1 Reading Pinyin タク Reading On かこつ.ける Reading Kun かこ. Reading Kun かこ.つける Reading Kun tag Reading Korean Reading Korean
consign Meaning requesting Meaning entrusting with Meaning pretend Meaning hint Meaning confier Meaning fr requête Meaning fr remettre Meaning fr prétexter Meaning fr conseil Meaning fr consignar Meaning es confiar algo a Meaning es consignar Meaning pt solicitar Meaning pt confiar Meaning pt fingir Meaning pt sugestão Meaning pt

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