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rut Meaning wheel Meaning track Meaning model Meaning way of doing Meaning ornière Meaning fr rails Meaning fr orbite Meaning fr modèle Meaning fr façon de faire Meaning fr surco Meaning es vía Meaning es modelo Meaning es ejemplo Meaning es Sulco de rodas Meaning pt roda Meaning pt trilha Meaning pt modelo Meaning pt caminho Meaning pt

mu3 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On Reading On Reading On Reading On Reading Kun うね Reading Kun mu Reading Korean myo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
furrow Meaning 30 tsubo Meaning ridge Meaning rib Meaning sillon Meaning fr 30 tsubo (100 ) Meaning fr raie Meaning fr côte (côtelé) Meaning fr surco Meaning es costilla Meaning es cordillera Meaning es antigua medida para campos de arroz Meaning es sulco Meaning pt

サーコート Reading
surcoat Translation eng

シュルクフ Reading Surcouf Romaji

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