Character surge up, bubble up, gush forth Definition
YONG3 CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 jung2 Jyutping YUU YOU On WAKU Kun Hangul YONG Korean *iǒng Tang
U+6E67 Variant

Character surge up, bubble up, gush forth Definition
YUAN1 Pinyin jyun1 Jyutping EN On FUCHI BUCHI Kun
U+6DF5 Traditional

Character surge up, bubble up, gush forth Definition
YUAN1 Pinyin EN On FUCHI Kun
U+6DF5 Variant

むかむか Reading
nausea Translation eng queasy Translation eng surge of anger Translation eng übel Translation ger unwohl Translation ger mulig Translation ger krank Translation ger ärgerlich Translation ger zornig Translation ger nausée Translation fre poussée de colère Translation fre

アップ Reading
up Translation eng upload Translation eng charge-up (e.g. a battery) Translation eng surge or boost Translation eng up style Translation eng up sweep Translation eng close-up (e.g. photo) Translation eng Erhöhung Translation ger Hochfrisur Translation ger {Fotog.} Nahaufnahme Translation ger {EDV} Upload Translation ger Hochladen Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger . Translation ger vers le haut Translation fre

サージ Reading
surge Translation eng serge Translation eng Serge Translation ger (meist als Futterstoff verwendetes Gewebe in Köperbindung) Translation ger

急増 Word
きゅうぞう Reading
explosion Translation eng proliferation Translation eng surge Translation eng rasche Vermehrung Translation ger sprunghafte Zunahme Translation ger rasches Anwachsen Translation ger augmentation rapide Translation fre croissance rapide Translation fre explosion Translation fre

高潮 Word
こうちょう Reading たかしお Reading
surge Translation eng high tide Translation eng flood tide Translation eng {Naturphän.} Hochflut Translation ger hohe Flut Translation ger Höhepunkt Translation ger Höhe Translation ger Gipfel Translation ger Klimax Translation ger

大波 Word
おおなみ Reading
billow Translation eng surge Translation eng {Naturphän.} hohe Welle Translation ger große Welle Translation ger

波動 Word
はどう Reading
wave motion Translation eng undulation Translation eng surge Translation eng wave (physics) Translation eng Wellenbewegung Translation ger Ondulation Translation ger волна́ Translation rus

波浪 Word
はろう Reading
waves Translation eng surge Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Wellen Translation ger Wogen Translation ger houle Translation fre vagues Translation fre

洸洸 Word 洸々 Word
こうこう Reading
valiant Translation eng brave Translation eng surge (of water) Translation eng

サージプロテクタ Reading
surge protector Translation eng

喘振 Traditional 喘振 Simplified
chuan3 zhen4 Pinyin
surge (of a compressor) English

大浪 Traditional 大浪 Simplified
da4 lang4 Pinyin
billow English surge English

Traditional Simplified
bo1 Pinyin
wave English ripple English storm English surge English

波蕩 Traditional 波荡 Simplified
bo1 dang4 Pinyin
heave English surge English

xiong1 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On . Reading Kun hyung Reading Korean Reading Korean
gush forth Meaning surge Meaning

外科医 Word
げかい Reading
surgeon Translation eng {Med.} Chirurg Translation ger Wundarzt Translation ger хирург Translation rus

軍医監 Word
ぐんいかん Reading
surgeon major general Translation eng

軍医総監 Word
ぐんいそうかん Reading
surgeon general Translation eng Generalstabsarzt Translation ger

外科学 Word
げかがく Reading
surgery Translation eng {Med.} Chirurgie Translation ger Orthopädie Translation ger

外科手術 Word
げかしゅじゅつ Reading
surgery Translation eng surgical procedure Translation eng

外科學 Traditional 外科学 Simplified
wai4 ke1 xue2 Pinyin
surgery English

外科手術 Traditional 外科手术 Simplified
wai4 ke1 shou3 shu4 Pinyin
surgery English

手術 Traditional 手术 Simplified
shou3 shu4 Pinyin
surgical operation English operation English surgery English

サージタンク Reading
surgetank Translation eng

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