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Character tail of a comet; long hair Definition
SHAO1 Pinyin saau1 Jyutping

テール Reading
tail Translation eng tael (Chinese unit of mass & currency) Translation eng tailcoat Translation eng tails Translation eng Schwanz Translation ger Heck Translation ger
テールコート Crossref

テールエンド Reading
tail end Translation eng Letzter eines Wettbewerbes Translation ger

テールフィン Reading
tail fin Translation eng Heckfinne Translation ger Heckflosse Translation ger (z.B. eines Surfbords oder Straßenkreuzer der 60er Jahre Translation ger <Herk.: von engl. "tail fin">) Translation ger

テールランプ Reading
tail lamp Translation eng Rücklicht Translation ger

テイル Reading
tail Translation eng Schwanz Translation ger Heck Translation ger

尻尾 Word
しっぽ Reading しりお Reading
tail (animal) Translation eng Schwanz Translation ger Schwanzflosse Translation ger Ende Translation ger bout Translation fre queue Translation fre

tail Translation eng ridge Translation eng Schwanz Translation ger Rute Translation ger Schweif Translation ger Lunte Translation ger arrête Translation fre crête Translation fre queue Translation fre

尾行 Word
びこう Reading
shadow Translation eng tail Translation eng follow Translation eng Beschattung Translation ger unbemerktes Verfolgen Translation ger poursuivre Translation fre suivre la piste Translation fre traquer Translation fre

尾状 Word
びじょう Reading
tail Translation eng caudal Translation eng

尾部 Word
びぶ Reading
tail Translation eng caudal Translation eng Schwanz Translation ger Heck Translation ger Schwanzteil Translation ger

尾翼 Word
びよく Reading
tail Translation eng tail plane Translation eng Schwanzflosse Translation ger Heckleitwerk Translation ger Höhen- und Seitenruder Translation ger

尾灯 Word 尾燈 Word
びとう Reading
tail-light (taillight) Translation eng tail lamp (taillamp) Translation eng rear light Translation eng Schlusslicht Translation ger Rücklicht Translation ger feux à l'arrière Translation fre feux arrière Translation fre

どん尻 Word
どんじり Reading
tail end Translation eng tailender Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger das allerletzte Ende Translation ger

尾鰭 Word 尾ひれ Word
おひれ Reading
tail and fins Translation eng embellishment (of a story, rumor, etc.) Translation eng exaggeration Translation eng Schwanz und Flosse Translation ger Übertreibung Translation ger

尾鰭 Word 尾びれ Word
おびれ Reading
caudal fin Translation eng tail fin Translation eng

尾羽 Word
おは Reading
tail and wings Translation eng tail feathers Translation eng Schwanzfeder Translation ger

機尾 Word
きび Reading
tail (of an aeroplane, airplane) Translation eng

末尾再帰 Word
まつびさいき Reading
tail recursion Translation eng

尾羽 Word
おばね Reading
tail feathers Translation eng

どんけつ Reading
tail end Translation eng very bottom Translation eng the lowest rank Translation eng
どん尻 Crossref

尾扇 Word
びせん Reading
tail fan Translation eng

尻っぽ Word
しりっぽ Reading
tail Translation eng
尻尾 Crossref

テイル Reading Tail Romaji

Traditional Simplified
wei3 Pinyin
tail English remainder English remnant English extremity English sixth of the 28 constellations English classifier for fish English

尾子 Traditional 尾子 Simplified
wei3 zi5 Pinyin
tail English end English small change English odd sum remaining after large round number English

尾巴 Traditional 尾巴 Simplified
wei3 ba5 Pinyin
tail English

尾燈 Traditional 尾灯 Simplified
wei3 deng1 Pinyin
tail light (on vehicle) English

尾羽 Traditional 尾羽 Simplified
wei3 yu3 Pinyin
tail feathers English

尾翼 Traditional 尾翼 Simplified
wei3 yi4 Pinyin
tail wing English empennage (arrow feathers or tail assembly of plane) English tail unit English

尾鰭 Traditional 尾鳍 Simplified
wei3 qi2 Pinyin
tail or caudal fin English

Traditional Simplified
ling2 Pinyin
tail feathers English plume English

Traditional Simplified
shao1 Pinyin
tail of a comet English long hair English

wei3 Reading Pinyin yi3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading Kun mi Reading Korean Reading Korean
tail Meaning end Meaning counter for fish Meaning lower slope of mountain Meaning queue Meaning fr bout Meaning fr compteur de poissons Meaning fr bas de pente (montagne) Meaning fr cola Meaning es final Meaning es parte trasera Meaning es contador de peces Meaning es rabo Meaning pt fim Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de p/ peixes Meaning pt fundo de uma rampa Meaning pt

li2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ボウ Reading On モウ Reading On ライ Reading On
tail Meaning hair Meaning yak Meaning

泰來縣 Traditional 泰来县 Simplified
tai4 lai2 xian4 Pinyin
Tailai (u.E.) Deutsch

泰蘭 Traditional 泰兰 Simplified
tai4 lan2 Pinyin
Tellin (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

太牢 Traditional 太牢 Simplified
tai4 lao2 Pinyin
Opfertier (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

泰勒 Traditional 泰勒 Simplified
Tai4 le4 Pinyin
Taylor (name) English

泰勒 Traditional 泰勒 Simplified
tai4 lei1 Pinyin
Taylor (u.E.) Deutsch

泰勒級數 Traditional 泰勒级数 Simplified
tai4 lei1 ji2 shu3 Pinyin
Taylorreihe (u.E.) Deutsch

肽類激素 Traditional 肽类激素 Simplified
tai4 lei4 ji1 su4 Pinyin
Proteohormon (u.E.) Deutsch

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