Character disgraced; ashamed; self-deprecating Definition
TIAN3 Pinyin tim2 Jyutping TEN On KATAJIKENA Kun Hangul CHEM Korean těm Tang thỏm Viet

Character append, add to; increase Definition
TIAN1 TIAN4 Pinyin tim1 Jyutping TEN On SOERU SOE SOU Kun Hangul CHEM Korean *tem Tang thiêm thêm Viet

Character lick with tongue; taste Definition
TIAN3 TAN1 Pinyin tim2 Jyutping TEN On NAMERU Kun tèm Tang

𢬅 Character
têm Viet

JIANG1 Pinyin gong1 Jyutping KOU On Hangul KANG Korean
TEM Cangjie Input Code

テム Reading Tem Romaji Teme Romaji

shen1 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On もう. Reading Kun もう.し- Reading Kun さる Reading Kun sin Reading Korean Reading Korean
have the honor to Meaning sign of the monkey Meaning 3-5PM Meaning ninth sign of Chinese zodiac Meaning dire (humble) Meaning fr s'appeler (humble) Meaning fr j'ai l'honneur de Meaning fr signe de la 9ème branche terrestre Meaning fr signe du Singe (zodiaque) Meaning fr 15 h à 17 h Meaning fr decir Meaning es tener el honor de Meaning es tem a honra para Meaning pt

mou2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On Reading On はか. Reading Kun たばか. Reading Kun はかりごと Reading Kun mo Reading Korean Reading Korean
conspire Meaning cheat Meaning impose on Meaning plan Meaning devise Meaning scheme Meaning have in mind Meaning deceive Meaning conspirer Meaning fr tricher Meaning fr imposer Meaning fr concevoir Meaning fr plan Meaning fr projet Meaning fr avoir dans l'idée Meaning fr duper Meaning fr plan Meaning es estratagema Meaning es conspiración Meaning es planear Meaning es idear Meaning es conspirar Meaning es conspirar Meaning pt engano Meaning pt impor Meaning pt plano Meaning pt inventar Meaning pt esquema Meaning pt tem em mente Meaning pt enganar Meaning pt

手間 Word
てま Reading
time Translation eng labour Translation eng labor Translation eng Zeit und Mühe Translation ger Lohn Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger Arbeit eines Handwerkers Translation ger labeur Translation fre temps Translation fre

テマ Reading
theme Translation eng

テマ Reading Tema (Ghana) Romaji

手間 Word
てま Reading Tema Romaji

特馬 Traditional 特马 Simplified
te4 ma3 Pinyin
Tema (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

手間賃 Word
てまちん Reading
wages (charge) for labor (labour) Translation eng pay Translation eng Arbeitslohn Translation ger

手間取る Word
てまどる Reading
to meet unexpected difficulties Translation eng to take time Translation eng to be delayed Translation eng Mühe und Zeit kosten Translation ger

手前 Word
てまえ Reading
before Translation eng this side Translation eng one's standpoint Translation eng one's appearance Translation eng we Translation eng you Translation eng diese Seite Translation ger Ansehen Translation ger ich Translation ger Können Translation ger Kunst Translation ger Trick Translation ger avant Translation fre ce côté Translation fre nous Translation fre tu Translation fre vous Translation fre
手前・てめえ Crossref

手前ども Word 手前共 Word
てまえども Reading
we (esp. used by merchants, etc.) Translation eng my store Translation eng my shop Translation eng

手前勝手 Word
てまえがって Reading
self-centered Translation eng self-centred Translation eng selfish Translation eng Egoismus Translation ger Selbstsucht Translation ger

手前味噌 Word
てまえみそ Reading
self-flattery Translation eng sing one's own praises Translation eng Eigenlob Translation ger Selbstlob Translation ger Selbstverherrlichung Translation ger Angabe Translation ger

手前の方 Word
てまえのほう Reading
this side Translation eng in the forefront Translation eng

手間暇 Word 手間ひま Word 手間隙 Word
てまひま Reading
time and effort Translation eng trouble Translation eng Arbeit und Freizeit Translation ger

特賣 Traditional 特卖 Simplified
te4 mai4 Pinyin
Schnäppchen (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

手捲 Word
てまき Reading Temaki Romaji

テマクス Reading Temax Romaji

手まめ Word 手忠実 Word
てまめ Reading
diligent Translation eng industrious Translation eng skillful Translation eng dextrous Translation eng Genauigkeit Translation ger Fleiß Translation ger Geschicklichkeit Translation ger

手間本 Word
てまもと Reading Temamoto Romaji

テマム Reading Temam Romaji

手真似 Word
てまね Reading
gesture Translation eng sign Translation eng hand signal Translation eng Geste Translation ger Gebärde Translation ger Zeichen Translation ger

手招き Word
てまねき Reading
beckoning Translation eng Wink Translation ger Heranwinken Translation ger faire signe de venir de la main Translation fre

手招 Word
てまねき Reading Temaneki Romaji

手招く Word
てまねく Reading
to beckon Translation eng

てまり Reading Temari Romaji

テマリ Reading Temari Romaji

手鞠 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

手毬 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

帝珠里 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天鞠 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天真理 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天真莉 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天麻理 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天万理 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天万里 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

天茉理 Word
てまり Reading Temari Romaji

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