ke3 Reading Pinyin カツ Reading On かわ. Reading Kun gal Reading Korean geol Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
thirst Meaning dry up Meaning parch Meaning soif Meaning fr sécheresse Meaning fr seco Meaning es reseco Meaning es sed Meaning es secar Meaning es resecar Meaning es tener sed Meaning es sede Meaning pt seca Meaning pt ressecar-se Meaning pt

gan1 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On あま. Reading Kun あま.える Reading Kun あま.やかす Reading Kun うま. Reading Kun かも Nanori gam Reading Korean Reading Korean
sweet Meaning coax Meaning pamper Meaning be content Meaning sugary Meaning doux Meaning fr enjôler Meaning fr dorloter Meaning fr être content Meaning fr sucré Meaning fr dulce Meaning es sabroso Meaning es bueno Meaning es tener cariño a Meaning es mimar Meaning es consentir Meaning es doce Meaning pt seduzir Meaning pt mimar Meaning pt contentar Meaning pt açucarado Meaning pt

han2 Reading Pinyin ガン Reading On ふく. Reading Kun ふく.める Reading Kun ham Reading Korean Reading Korean
include Meaning bear in mind Meaning understand Meaning cherish Meaning inclure Meaning fr retenir Meaning fr comprendre Meaning fr chérir Meaning fr incluir Meaning es tener en mente Meaning es entender Meaning es comprender Meaning es tener en la boca Meaning es contener Meaning es incluir Meaning pt ter em conta Meaning pt compreender Meaning pt tratar com carinho Meaning pt

ji1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .える Reading Kun gi Reading Korean Reading Korean
hungry Meaning starve Meaning faim Meaning fr famine Meaning fr hambre Meaning es tener hambre Meaning es faminto Meaning pt morrer de fome Meaning pt

ju3 Reading Pinyin キョ Reading On .げる Reading Kun .がる Reading Kun こぞ. Reading Kun たか Nanori geo Reading Korean Reading Korean
raise Meaning plan Meaning project Meaning behavior Meaning actions Meaning faire monter Meaning fr plan Meaning fr projet Meaning fr conduite Meaning fr actions Meaning fr tener lugar Meaning es elevar Meaning es completamente Meaning es levantar Meaning es poner un ejemplo Meaning es prosperar Meaning es levantar Meaning pt plano Meaning pt projeto Meaning pt comportamento Meaning pt ações Meaning pt

kong3 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On おそ.れる Reading Kun おそ. Reading Kun おそ.ろしい Reading Kun こわ. Reading Kun こわ.がる Reading Kun gong Reading Korean Reading Korean
fear Meaning dread Meaning awe Meaning peur Meaning fr épouvante Meaning fr crainte Meaning fr miedo Meaning es temor Meaning es sobrecogimiento Meaning es tener miedo Meaning es temer Meaning es temible Meaning es pavoroso Meaning es espantoso Meaning es medo Meaning pt temer Meaning pt temor Meaning pt

ji4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On . Reading Kun まま- Reading Kun gye Reading Korean Reading Korean
inherit Meaning succeed Meaning patch Meaning graft (tree) Meaning hériter Meaning fr succession Meaning fr relais Meaning fr rapiécer Meaning fr greffe (arbre) Meaning fr sucesión Meaning es herencia Meaning es pariente político Meaning es suceder Meaning es heredar Meaning es tener éxito Meaning es herdar Meaning pt ser bem-sucedido Meaning pt remendo Meaning pt enxerto (árvore) Meaning pt

si4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun かい Nanori sa Reading Korean Reading Korean
domesticate Meaning raise Meaning keep Meaning feed Meaning domestiquer Meaning fr élever Meaning fr garder Meaning fr nourrir Meaning fr criar Meaning es mantener Meaning es tener animales Meaning es domesticar Meaning pt levantar Meaning pt guardar Meaning pt alimentar Meaning pt

ci2 Reading Pinyin Reading On いつく.しむ Reading Kun しげ Nanori ちか Nanori めぐみ Nanori よし Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
mercy Meaning miséricorde Meaning fr pitié Meaning fr affection Meaning fr amar Meaning es encariñarse Meaning es misericordia Meaning es tener misericordia Meaning es misericórdia Meaning pt

se4 Reading Pinyin ジュウ Reading On シュウ Reading On しぶ Reading Kun しぶ. Reading Kun しぶ. Reading Kun sab Reading Korean Reading Korean
astringent Meaning hesitate Meaning reluctant Meaning have diarrhea Meaning astringent Meaning fr hésiter Meaning fr rechigner Meaning fr diarrhée Meaning fr chic Meaning fr astringente Meaning es austero Meaning es tacaño Meaning es renuente Meaning es tener diarrea Meaning es adstringente Meaning pt hesitar Meaning pt relutante Meaning pt ter diarréia Meaning pt

zhao4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun あき Nanori てる Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
illuminate Meaning shine Meaning compare Meaning bashful Meaning illuminer Meaning fr briller Meaning fr comparer Meaning fr timide Meaning fr iluminar Meaning es brillar Meaning es comparar Meaning es tener vergüenza Meaning es iluminar Meaning pt brilhar Meaning pt comparar Meaning pt tímido Meaning pt

shen1 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On もう. Reading Kun もう.し- Reading Kun さる Reading Kun sin Reading Korean Reading Korean
have the honor to Meaning sign of the monkey Meaning 3-5PM Meaning ninth sign of Chinese zodiac Meaning dire (humble) Meaning fr s'appeler (humble) Meaning fr j'ai l'honneur de Meaning fr signe de la 9ème branche terrestre Meaning fr signe du Singe (zodiaque) Meaning fr 15 h à 17 h Meaning fr decir Meaning es tener el honor de Meaning es tem a honra para Meaning pt

mian2 Reading Pinyin ミン Reading On ねむ. Reading Kun ねむ. Reading Kun Nanori myeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
sleep Meaning die Meaning sleepy Meaning dormir Meaning fr somnolent Meaning fr mourir Meaning fr somnoliento Meaning es tener sueño Meaning es sonmoliento Meaning es dormir Meaning es sono Meaning pt morrer Meaning pt sonolento Meaning pt

you3 Reading Pinyin you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun Nanori あら Nanori あり Nanori ある Nanori くに Nanori なお Nanori Nanori yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
possess Meaning have Meaning exist Meaning happen Meaning occur Meaning approx Meaning posséder Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr être Meaning fr arriver (se passer) Meaning fr existir Meaning es poseer Meaning es tener Meaning es ser Meaning es possuir Meaning pt ter Meaning pt existir Meaning pt acontecer Meaning pt ocorrer Meaning pt aproximadamente Meaning pt haver Meaning pt

テネレ Reading Tenere (Niger) Romaji

特內里費 Traditional 特内里费 Simplified
Te4 nei4 li3 fei4 Pinyin
Tenerife English

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