Word 趣き Word
おもむき Reading
meaning Translation eng tenor Translation eng gist Translation eng effect Translation eng influence Translation eng appearance Translation eng aspect Translation eng grace Translation eng charm Translation eng refinement Translation eng taste Translation eng Inhalt Translation ger Bedeutung Translation ger Sinn Translation ger Aussehen Translation ger Typ Translation ger Geschmack Translation ger Eleganz Translation ger Feinheit Translation ger Formvollendetheit Translation ger Anblick Translation ger saveur Translation fre charme Translation fre délicatesse Translation fre grâce Translation fre raffinement Translation fre apparence Translation fre aspect Translation fre effet Translation fre influence Translation fre fond Translation fre sens Translation fre signification Translation fre teneur Translation fre

糖質 Word
とうしつ Reading
sugariness Translation eng saccharinity Translation eng Zuckerhaltigkeit Translation ger glucidité Translation fre teneur en sucre Translation fre

糖分 Word
とうぶん Reading
amount of sugar Translation eng sugar content Translation eng Zuckergehalt Translation ger quantité de sucre Translation fre teneur en sucre Translation fre содержа́ние са́хара Translation rus

qu4 Reading Pinyin cu4 Reading Pinyin シュ Reading On おもむき Reading Kun おもむ. Reading Kun chwi Reading Korean chug Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
gist Meaning proceed to Meaning tend Meaning become Meaning teneur Meaning fr fond Meaning fr aspect Meaning fr apparence Meaning fr sens Meaning fr tendance Meaning fr devenir Meaning fr significado Meaning es sentido Meaning es apariencia Meaning es proceder Meaning es essência Meaning pt continuar para Meaning pt tender Meaning pt tornar-se Meaning pt

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