Character tent Definition
YI4 Pinyin jik6 Jyutping EKI YAKU On HIRATOBARI Kun

テント Reading
tent Translation eng Zelt Translation ger tente Translation fre палатка Translation rus

天幕 Word
てんまく Reading
curtain Translation eng tent Translation eng pavilion Translation eng Zelt Translation ger Vorhang Translation ger Gardine Translation ger тент Translation rus пала́тка Translation rus

幕屋 Word
まくや Reading
tent Translation eng tabernacle Translation eng small curtain-enclosed area (off a stage) Translation eng Makuya (Original Gospel Movement of Japan) Translation eng Zelthütte Translation ger Stifthütte Translation ger

カルパ Reading
tent Translation eng carpa Source Language spa

Traditional Simplified
zhang4 Pinyin
|[zhang4] Variant
covering veil English canopy English screen English tent English

帳幕 Traditional 帐幕 Simplified
zhang4 mu4 Pinyin
tent English

帳篷 Traditional 帐篷 Simplified
zhang4 peng5 Pinyin
tent English

Traditional Simplified
wei2 Pinyin
curtain English women's apartment English tent English

Traditional Simplified
wo4 Pinyin
tent English

yi4 Reading Pinyin エキ Reading On ヤク Reading On ひらとばり Reading Kun
tent Meaning

典太 Word
てんた Reading Tenta Romaji

天太 Word
てんた Reading Tenta Romaji

天汰 Word
てんた Reading Tenta Romaji

点田 Word
てんた Reading Tenta Romaji

テンターデン Reading Tenterden Romaji

天体 Word
てんたい Reading
heavenly body Translation eng {Astron.} Himmelskörper Translation ger astre Translation fre corps céleste Translation fre

転貸 Word
てんたい Reading
subleasing Translation eng Untervermietung Translation ger Weiterverpachtung Translation ger

天体物理学 Word
てんたいぶつりがく Reading
astro-physics Translation eng astrophysics Translation eng {Phys.} Astrophysik Translation ger

天体学 Word
てんたいがく Reading
uranography Translation eng {Astron.} Himmelskunde Translation ger

天体核 Word
てんたいかく Reading
nuclear astrophysics Translation eng

転貸借 Word
てんたいしゃく Reading
subletting and subleasing Translation eng Untervermietung Translation ger

天体崇拝 Word
てんたいすうはい Reading
star worship Translation eng astrolatry Translation eng {Rel.} Sternenverehrung Translation ger Astrolatrie Translation ger

天体図 Word
てんたいず Reading
star map Translation eng {Astron.} Himmelskarte Translation ger Sternkarte Translation ger

転宅 Word
てんたく Reading
changing residence Translation eng moving to a new address Translation eng Umzug Translation ger

天宅 Word
てんたく Reading Tentaku Romaji

天沢院 Word
てんたくいん Reading Tentakuin Romaji

天沢寺 Word
てんたくじ Reading Tentakuji Romaji

恬淡 Word
てんたん Reading
disinterest Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Gleichgültigkeit Translation ger Desinteresse Translation ger Ungebundenheit Translation ger Freiheit Translation ger

天谷 Word
てんたに Reading Tentani Romaji

典太郎 Word
てんたろう Reading Tentarou Romaji

天辰 Word
てんたつ Reading Tentatsu Romaji

天帝 Word
てんてい Reading
Lord Translation eng God Translation eng Creator Translation eng Heavenly King Translation eng {Rel.} (schriftspr.) Translation ger Himmelskaiser Translation ger Schöpfer Translation ger

天底 Word
てんてい Reading
nadir Translation eng {Astron.} Nadir Translation ger Fußpunkt Translation ger

点綴 Word
てんてい Reading てんてつ Reading
a line (of mountains, islands, houses, etc.) Translation eng bound together Translation eng Verteilung Translation ger Verbindung Translation ger

天帝星 Word
てんていせい Reading
Polaris Translation eng north star Translation eng

天敵 Word
てんてき Reading
natural enemy Translation eng {Biol.} natürlicher Feind Translation ger

点滴 Word
てんてき Reading
raindrops Translation eng falling drop of water Translation eng intravenous drip Translation eng Wassertropfen Translation ger Regentropfen Translation ger Tropfen Translation ger {Med.} Tropfinjektion Translation ger goutte (qui tombe) Translation fre goutte-à-goutte (médical) Translation fre

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