yin2 Reading Pinyin イン Reading On とら Reading Kun とも Nanori のぶ Nanori in Reading Korean i Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
sign of the tiger Meaning 3-5AM Meaning third sign of Chinese zodiac Meaning signe de la 3ème branche terrestre Meaning fr signe du Tigre (zodiaque) Meaning fr 3 à 5 heures du matin Meaning fr signo del tigre Meaning es tercer signo de zodíaco Meaning es

bing3 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ひのえ Reading Kun byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
third class Meaning 3rd Meaning 3rd calendar sign Meaning troisième Meaning fr signe du 3ème tronc céleste Meaning fr tercera clase Meaning es tercer grado Meaning es tercero Meaning es terceira classe Meaning pt Meaning pt signo do calendário Chinês Meaning pt

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