Character till land, cultivate; hunt Definition
TIAN2 Pinyin tin4 Jyutping TEN DEN On KARI Kun Hangul CEN Korean dhen dhèn Tang

何時まで Word 何時迄 Word
いつまで Reading
how long? Translation eng till when? Translation eng

金入れ Word
かねいれ Reading
purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng wallet Translation eng till Translation eng Geldbeutel Translation ger Geldkasten Translation ger caisse enregistreuse Translation fre porte-monnaie Translation fre portefeuille Translation fre

金輪際 Word
こんりんざい Reading
the deepest bottom of the earth Translation eng never Translation eng not ... at all Translation eng on no account Translation eng for all the world Translation eng till doomsday Translation eng niemals Translation ger nie Translation ger unter keinen Umständen Translation ger keinesfalls Translation ger

今が今まで Word
いまがいままで Reading
till just now Translation eng

まで Reading
until Translation eng till doing Translation eng as far as Translation eng bis Translation ger bis zu Translation ger bis nach Translation ger sogar Translation ger

銭入れ Word
ぜにいれ Reading
till Translation eng purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng Geldbeutel Translation ger Geldbörse Translation ger Portemonnaie Translation ger

千代万代 Word
ちよよろずよ Reading
for ever and ever Translation eng (through) eternity Translation eng countless ages Translation eng till the end of time Translation eng

ティル Reading Thill Romaji Till Romaji Tyl Romaji

蒂爾 Traditional 蒂尔 Simplified
di4 er3 Pinyin
Till (u.E.) (Eig, Vorn) Deutsch

geng1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On たがや. Reading Kun こお Nanori gyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
till Meaning plow Meaning cultivate Meaning labourer Meaning fr cultiver Meaning fr cultivar Meaning es arado Meaning es arar Meaning es labrar Meaning es plantar Meaning pt agricultura Meaning pt cultivar Meaning pt

tian2 Reading Pinyin デン Reading On テン Reading On かり Reading Kun jeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
till Meaning cultivate Meaning hunting Meaning

fu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On たがや. Reading Kun bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
till Meaning cultivate Meaning

ji4 Reading Pinyin Reading On そそ. Reading Kun
until Meaning till Meaning soup Meaning to soak Meaning

huo1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On たがや. Reading Kun
till Meaning dig Meaning

biao1 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On ビョウ Reading On おおしか Reading Kun
till Meaning plow Meaning

Character till, dig Definition

Character till, plow Definition
BIAO1 PAO2 PIAO3 Pinyin biu1 Jyutping HOU BYOU On OOSHIKA Kun

チラベリ Reading Tillaberi Romaji

チルベリヤ Reading Tillberga Romaji

チッレ Reading Tille Romaji

ティユモン Reading Tillemont Romaji

耕運機 Word 耕耘機 Word
こううんき Reading
cultivator Translation eng farm tractor Translation eng tiller Translation eng Traktor Translation ger Schlepper Translation ger Bulldog Translation ger

ティラー Reading
tiller Translation eng

ティラー Reading Tiller Romaji

分櫱 Traditional 分蘖 Simplified
fen1 nie4 Pinyin
tiller (stem at the base of grass plants) English

舵把 Traditional 舵把 Simplified
duo4 ba3 Pinyin
tiller of a boat English

ティレット Reading Tillett Romaji

ティリー Reading Tilley Romaji Tilly Romaji

ティルリッヒ Reading Tillich Romaji

馬耕 Word
ばこう Reading
tilling with horses Translation eng Pflügen mit dem Pferd Translation ger Ackerbestellung mit dem Pferd Translation ger

耕種 Word
こうしゅ Reading
tilling and sowing Translation eng Ackerbau Translation ger Landbau Translation ger

田打ち Word
たうち Reading
tilling a paddyfield Translation eng Bestellen eines Reisfeldes Translation ger

zhu4 Reading Pinyin ジョ Reading On あさがら Reading Kun あざみ Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
Chinese matrimony vine Meaning tilling public fields Meaning corvee Meaning surname Meaning

ティヨン Reading Tillion Romaji

ティルマン Reading Tilghman Romaji Tillman Romaji Tilman Romaji Tilmann Romaji Tylman Romaji

ティリヤード Reading Tillyard Romaji

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