Character tire of wheel; band Definition
GANG1 GONG1 Pinyin gong1 Jyutping KOU KU On KARIMO Kun Hangul KONG Korean cong Viet

タイア Reading
tire Translation eng tyre Translation eng

タイヤ Reading
tire Translation eng tyre Translation eng Reifen Translation ger Gummireifen Translation ger pneu Translation fre

タイヤチェーン Reading
tire chain Translation eng

タイヤローラー Reading
tire roller Translation eng

チレ Reading Tire Romaji Tyre (Lebanon) Romaji

Traditional Simplified
tai1 Pinyin
tie English necktie English tire (Cantonese) English

Traditional Simplified
dai4 Pinyin
band English belt English girdle English ribbon English tire English area English zone English region English to wear English to carry English to lead English to bring English to look after English to raise English

Traditional Simplified
tai1 Pinyin
fetus English litter English tire English abbr. of 輪胎|轮胎 English

胎壓 Traditional 胎压 Simplified
tai1 ya1 Pinyin
tire pressure English

補胎片 Traditional 补胎片 Simplified
bu3 tai1 pian4 Pinyin
tire patch (for puncture repair) English

車胎 Traditional 车胎 Simplified
che1 tai1 Pinyin
tire English

Traditional Simplified
wang3 Pinyin
tire English wheel band English

輪箍 Traditional 轮箍 Simplified
lun2 gu1 Pinyin
tire English

輪胎 Traditional 轮胎 Simplified
lun2 tai1 Pinyin
tire English pneumatic tire English

juan4 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On あき. Reading Kun あぐ. Reading Kun あぐ.ねる Reading Kun . Reading Kun つか.れる Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
lose interest in Meaning tire of Meaning

pi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On つか.れる Reading Kun -づか. Reading Kun つか.らす Reading Kun pi Reading Korean Reading Korean
exhausted Meaning tire Meaning weary Meaning fatigue Meaning fr épuisé Meaning fr las Meaning fr cansancio Meaning es fatiga Meaning es cansar Meaning es fatigar Meaning es cansarse Meaning es fatigarse Meaning es exaurido Meaning pt exausto Meaning pt cansado Meaning pt

gong1 Reading Pinyin gang1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On Reading On かりも Reading Kun gong Reading Korean
tire of wheel Meaning band Meaning

ティレガント Reading Tilegant Romaji

ティレン Reading Tyren Romaji

提任 Traditional 提任 Simplified
ti2 ren4 Pinyin
to promote and appoint English

體認 Traditional 体认 Simplified
ti3 ren4 Pinyin
to realize English realization English

體認 Traditional 体认 Simplified
ti3 ren4 Pinyin
ausführen, durchführen (u.E.) Deutsch

ティレリ Reading Tirelli Romaji

ティレル Reading Tyrrel Romaji Tyrrell Romaji

ティレット Reading Tillett Romaji

栓抜き Word 栓抜 Word
せんぬき Reading
bottle opener Translation eng corkscrew Translation eng Korkenzieher Translation ger tire-bouchons Translation fre

くたくた Reading ぐたぐた Reading ぐだぐだ Reading
exhausted Translation eng tired Translation eng withered Translation eng worn out Translation eng boiling until shapeless or mushy Translation eng tediously Translation eng repetitively Translation eng wordily Translation eng k.o. Translation ger kaputt Translation ger fertig Translation ger todmüde Translation ger hundmüde Translation ger abgetragen Translation ger aus der Form Translation ger être à plat Translation fre être épuisé Translation fre
くどくど Crossref

しんどい Reading
tired Translation eng frazzled Translation eng tiresome Translation eng worrisome Translation eng bothersome Translation eng hart Translation ger mühsam Translation ger ermüdend Translation ger schwierig Translation ger schlimm Translation ger wenig einträglich Translation ger undankbar Translation ger (Kansai-ben) Translation ger

嫌気 Word
いやき Reading いやけ Reading けんき Reading
dislike Translation eng disgust Translation eng disinclination Translation eng tired of Translation eng Widerwillen Translation ger Abneigung Translation ger Abscheu Translation ger Aversion Translation ger

労々 Word 労労 Word
ろうろう Reading
tired out Translation eng

疲労感 Word
ひろうかん Reading
tired feeling Translation eng Müdigkeitsgefühl Translation ger

飽き易い Word
あきやすい Reading
tired of Translation eng wearied Translation eng fickle Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
fa2 Pinyin
short of English tired English

Traditional Simplified
juan4 Pinyin
tired English

Traditional Simplified
lei3 Pinyin
lazy English tired out, worn fatigued English

勞累 Traditional 劳累 Simplified
lao2 lei4 Pinyin
tired English exhausted English worn out English to toil English

困倦 Traditional 困倦 Simplified
kun4 juan4 Pinyin
tired English weary English

憊倦 Traditional 惫倦 Simplified
bei4 juan4 Pinyin
tired and sleepy English tipsy English

疲乏 Traditional 疲乏 Simplified
pi2 fa2 Pinyin
tired English weary English

疲倦 Traditional 疲倦 Simplified
pi2 juan4 Pinyin
to tire English tired English

疲匱 Traditional 疲匮 Simplified
pi2 kui4 Pinyin
tired English weary English

疲弱 Traditional 疲弱 Simplified
pi2 ruo4 Pinyin
tired English weak English exhausted English

疲憊 Traditional 疲惫 Simplified
pi2 bei4 Pinyin
beaten English exhausted English tired English

疲累 Traditional 疲累 Simplified
pi2 lei4 Pinyin
tired English exhausted English

疲軟 Traditional 疲软 Simplified
pi2 ruan3 Pinyin
tired and feeble English

Traditional Simplified
cui4 Pinyin
care-worn English distressed English tired English overworked English sick English weary English

Traditional Simplified
qu2 Pinyin
thin English emaciated English worn English tired English

Traditional Simplified
kun4 Pinyin
sleepy English tired English

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