Character belly; abdomen; bowels Definition
DU4 DU3 Pinyin tou5 Jyutping TO On HARA Kun Hangul TWU Korean

Traditional Simplified
tou5 Pinyin
suff. for nouns English

tou2 Reading Pinyin tou5 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On Reading On Reading On あたま Reading Kun かしら Reading Kun -がしら Reading Kun かぶり Reading Kun かみ Nanori がみ Nanori ちゃん Nanori つむり Nanori Nanori du Reading Korean Reading Korean
head Meaning counter for large animals Meaning tête Meaning fr compteur de gros animaux Meaning fr cabeza Meaning es principio Meaning es delantera Meaning es cabeça Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de animais grandes Meaning pt

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