Character vomit, spew out, cough up Definition
TU3 TU4 Pinyin tou2 tou3 Jyutping TO On HAKU Kun Hangul THO Korean *tǒ Tang thổ Viet

TU3 Pinyin TO TSU On HAKU Kun dứ Viet

Character soil, earth; items made of earth Definition
TU3 Pinyin tou2 Jyutping DO TO On TSUCHI Kun Hangul THO TWU Korean *tǒ Tang thổ Viet

TU3 Pinyin

TU3 DU4 Pinyin dou6 Jyutping

Character thorium Definition
TU3 Pinyin tou2 Jyutping TO On TORYUUMU Kun
U+948D Simplified

Character thorium Definition
TU3 Pinyin tou2 Jyutping
U+91F7 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
tu3 Pinyin
to spit English to put English to say English

吐口 Traditional 吐口 Simplified
tu3 kou3 Pinyin
to spit English fig. to spit out (a request, an agreement etc) English

吐司 Traditional 吐司 Simplified
tu3 si1 Pinyin
toast English

吐字 Traditional 吐字 Simplified
tu3 zi4 Pinyin
diction English enunciation English to pronounce the words correctly (in opera) English

吐根 Traditional 吐根 Simplified
tu3 gen1 Pinyin
ipecac English

吐棄 Traditional 吐弃 Simplified
tu3 qi4 Pinyin
to spurn English to reject English

吐氣 Traditional 吐气 Simplified
tu3 qi4 Pinyin
aspirated English to blow off steam English

吐瓦魯 Traditional 吐瓦鲁 Simplified
tu3 wa3 lu3 Pinyin
Tuvalu English

吐痰 Traditional 吐痰 Simplified
tu3 tan2 Pinyin
to spit English to expectorate English

吐穗 Traditional 吐穗 Simplified
tu3 sui4 Pinyin
to have the ears of grain come up English

吐綬雞 Traditional 吐绶鸡 Simplified
tu3 shou4 ji1 Pinyin
turkey English

吐艷 Traditional 吐艳 Simplified
tu3 yan4 Pinyin
to burst into bloom English

吐訴 Traditional 吐诉 Simplified
tu3 su4 Pinyin
to pour forth (one's opinions) English

吐露 Traditional 吐露 Simplified
tu3 lu4 Pinyin
to tell English to disclose English to reveal English

Traditional Simplified
Tu3 Pinyin
Tu (ethnic group) English surname Tu English

Traditional Simplified
tu3 Pinyin
earth English dust English clay English local English indigenous English crude opium English unsophisticated English Tuzu ethnic group English surname Tu English

土丘 Traditional 土丘 Simplified
tu3 qiu1 Pinyin
mound English hillock English barrow English

土倫 Traditional 土伦 Simplified
Tu3 lun2 Pinyin
Toulon (city in France) English

土匪 Traditional 土匪 Simplified
tu3 fei3 Pinyin
bandit English

土地 Traditional 土地 Simplified
tu3 di4 Pinyin
land English territory English soil English local god English Lar English genius loci English

土地公 Traditional 土地公 Simplified
tu3 di4 gong1 Pinyin
Tudi Gong, the God of the earth English

土地改革 Traditional 土地改革 Simplified
tu3 di4 gai3 ge2 Pinyin
land reform English

土地資源 Traditional 土地资源 Simplified
tu3 di4 zi1 yuan2 Pinyin
land resources English

土坎 Traditional 土坎 Simplified
tu3 kan3 Pinyin
earthen steps English

土坎兒 Traditional 土坎儿 Simplified
tu3 kan3 r5 Pinyin
earthen steps English

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