Character twisted paper for lighting cigarettes Definition
MEI4 MEI2 Pinyin mei6 Jyutping

勧世縒 Word
かんぜより Reading
twisted paper Translation eng twisted-paper string Translation eng

腸捻転 Word
ちょうねんてん Reading
volvulus Translation eng twisted loop in intestine Translation eng {Med.} Darmverschlingung Translation ger Volvulus Translation ger torsion intestinale Translation fre

撚糸 Word
ねんし Reading
twisted thread or yarn Translation eng twining of thread or yarn Translation eng Zwirn Translation ger gezwirnter Faden Translation ger

曲がった Word
まがった Reading
bent Translation eng curved Translation eng warped Translation eng winded Translation eng twisted Translation eng awry Translation eng askew Translation eng crooked Translation eng
曲がる Crossref

より対線 Word
よりついせん Reading
twisted pair cable Translation eng

ツイストペア Reading
twisted pair Translation eng

より糸 Word 縒り糸 Word 撚り糸 Word
よりいと Reading
twisting (thread, etc.) Translation eng twisted yarn Translation eng twisted thread Translation eng twine Translation eng

哩溜歪斜 Traditional 哩溜歪斜 Simplified
li1 liu1 wai1 xie2 Pinyin
crooked English deformed English twisted English

Traditional Simplified
luan2 Pinyin
twisted English bent English crooked English cramped English

歪嘴 Traditional 歪嘴 Simplified
wai1 zui3 Pinyin
twisted mouth English wry mouth English

盤陀 Traditional 盘陀 Simplified
pan2 tuo2 Pinyin
twisted English spiral English uneven stones English

蜷曲 Traditional 蜷曲 Simplified
quan2 qu1 Pinyin
twisted English coiled English curled English

ao4 Reading Pinyin niu4 Reading Pinyin yao4 Reading Pinyin オウ Reading On ヨウ Reading On イク Reading On ユウ Reading On ねじ.れる Reading Kun こじ.れる Reading Kun .ねる Reading Kun ねじ.ける Reading Kun yo Reading Korean Reading Korean
crooked Meaning twisted Meaning distorted Meaning perverted Meaning cross Meaning torsión Meaning es tirón Meaning es malhumor Meaning es torcer Meaning es retorcer Meaning es estar malhumorado Meaning es

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