うま Reading
horse Translation eng promoted bishop (shogi) Translation eng Pferd Translation ger Ross Translation ger Gaul Translation ger Hengst Translation ger Stute Translation ger Wallach Translation ger Fohlen Translation ger Füllen Translation ger Pony Translation ger Bock Translation ger Gestell Translation ger Leiter Translation ger jmd, der dem Gast nach Hause folgt um Rechnung zu kassieren Translation ger {Shôgi} Springer Translation ger Pferd Translation ger fou promu (au shogi) Translation fre cheval Translation fre ло́шадь Translation rus конь Translation rus

宇摩 Word
うま Reading Uma Romaji

うま Reading Uma Romaji

うま Reading Uma Romaji

美味 Word
うま Reading Uma Romaji

有漢 Word
うま Reading Uma Romaji

wu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On うま Reading Kun o Reading Korean Reading Korean
noon Meaning sign of the horse Meaning 11AM-1PM Meaning seventh sign of Chinese zodiac Meaning midi Meaning fr signe de la 7ème branche terrestre Meaning fr signe du Cheval (zodiaque) Meaning fr 11 h à 13 h Meaning fr Sud (180°) Meaning fr mediodía Meaning es meio-dia Meaning pt

ma3 Reading Pinyin Reading On うま Reading Kun うま- Reading Kun Reading Kun Nanori ばん Nanori Nanori Nanori ma Reading Korean Reading Korean
horse Meaning cheval Meaning fr caballo Meaning es Cavalo Meaning pt

zang3 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading On ショ Reading On うま Reading Kun
excellent horse Meaning noble steed Meaning

Character time, season; era, age, period Definition
SHI2 Pinyin si4 Jyutping JI On TOKI Kun
UMA Cangjie Input Code

Character noon; 7th terrestrial branch Definition
WU3 Pinyin ng5 Jyutping GO On UMA Kun Hangul O Korean ngǒ Tang ngọ Viet

Character horse; surname; KangXi radical 187 Definition
MA3 Pinyin maa5 Jyutping BA ME MA On UMA Kun Hangul MA Korean *mǎ Tang Viet
U+9A6C Simplified

Character excellent horse, noble steed Definition
ZANG3 ZU3 ZU4 Pinyin cong2 zong2 zou2 Jyutping SOU SO ZO SHO On UMA Kun
U+9A75 Simplified

UMA Word
ユーマ Reading
unidentified mysterious animal Translation eng
未確認生物 Crossref

UMA Word
ユーエムエー Reading
Unlicensed Mobile Access Translation eng UMA Translation eng

yi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On のり Nanori よし Nanori eui Reading Korean Reading Korean
ceremony Meaning rule Meaning affair Meaning case Meaning a matter Meaning cérémonie Meaning fr règle Meaning fr affaire Meaning fr cas Meaning fr matière Meaning fr manières Meaning fr regla Meaning es norma Meaning es etiqueta Meaning es ceremonia Meaning es modelo de astros Meaning es cerimônia Meaning pt regra Meaning pt romance Meaning pt caso Meaning pt uma matéria Meaning pt

you2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユウ Reading On ユイ Reading On よし Reading Kun . Reading Kun yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
wherefore Meaning a reason Meaning c'est pourquoi Meaning fr raison Meaning fr cause Meaning fr origine Meaning fr grave Meaning fr razón Meaning es significado Meaning es causa Meaning es porquanto Meaning pt por conseguinte Meaning pt uma razão Meaning pt

馬虻 Word
うまあぶ Reading
horse botfly Translation eng
馬蠅 Crossref

ウマーラ Reading Umara Romaji

馬洗 Word
うまあらい Reading Umaarai Romaji

馬洗場 Word
うまあらいば Reading Umaaraiba Romaji

馬洗戸 Word
うまあらいど Reading Umaaraido Romaji

馬場 Word
うまば Reading Umaba Romaji

馬碆 Word
うまばえ Reading Umabae Romaji

馬原 Word
うまばら Reading Umabara Romaji

馬林 Word
うまばやし Reading Umabayashi Romaji

馬部 Word
うまべ Reading Umabe Romaji

馬覆 Word
うまぶち Reading Umabuchi Romaji

馬淵 Word
うまぶち Reading Umabuchi Romaji

馬渕 Word
うまぶち Reading Umabuchi Romaji

馬槽 Word
うまぶね Reading まぶね Reading
horse trough Translation eng

馬地 Word
うまち Reading Umachi Romaji

馬田 Word
うまだ Reading Umada Romaji

馬岳 Word
うまだけ Reading Umadake Romaji

馬谷 Word
うまだに Reading Umadani Romaji

馬出 Word
うまだし Reading Umadashi Romaji

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