Character unable to meet, empty room Definition
MIAN2 Pinyin maan5 min4 Jyutping

Character unable to walk Definition
XU4 Pinyin seot1 Jyutping

Character unable to hear distinctly or clearly Definition
ZAI3 Pinyin zoi2 Jyutping

Character unable to talk, incapable; inefficient Definition
DOU4 XIANG2 Pinyin daau2 daau6 Jyutping

いじいじ Reading
reserved Translation eng timid Translation eng servile Translation eng unable to be honest Translation eng perverse Translation eng sich ducken Translation ger kauern Translation ger verschroben sein Translation ger pervers sein Translation ger

敵わない Word 適わない Word
かなわない Reading
no match for Translation eng unable Translation eng can't do Translation eng beyond one's power Translation eng unbearable Translation eng insupportable Translation fre intolérable (chaleur, bruit) Translation fre incapable de Translation fre ne peut pas faire Translation fre ne pas être au même niveau que quelqu'un Translation fre ne pas arriver à la cheville de quelqu'un Translation fre

勝たれぬ Word
かたれぬ Reading
unable to win Translation eng

寝苦しい Word
ねぐるしい Reading
unable to sleep well Translation eng schlecht schlafen Translation ger unruhig schlafen Translation ger mal dormir Translation fre

黙し難い Word
もだしがたい Reading
unable to decline Translation eng schwer abzulehnen Translation ger schwer zu verweigern Translation ger nicht schweigend übergehen können Translation ger

能わず Word
あたわず Reading
unable to do Translation eng impossible to do Translation eng nicht tun können Translation ger

キャットタン Reading
cat tongue Source Language eng unable to take (thermally) hot food Translation eng have a tongue too sensitive to heat Translation eng
猫舌 Crossref

て成らない Word
てならない Reading
unable to resist Translation eng unable to supress Translation eng
でならない Crossref

で成らない Word
でならない Reading
unable to resist Translation eng unable to supress Translation eng
てならない Crossref

不了 Traditional 不了 Simplified
bu4 liao3 Pinyin
unable to English without end English

不住 Traditional 不住 Simplified
bu4 zhu4 Pinyin
repeatedly English continuously English constantly English unable to (resist, conceal etc) English

不得而知 Traditional 不得而知 Simplified
bu4 de2 er2 zhi1 Pinyin
unknown English unable to find out English

不開竅 Traditional 不开窍 Simplified
bu4 kai1 qiao4 Pinyin
unable to understand English can't get the point English

五音不全 Traditional 五音不全 Simplified
wu3 yin1 bu4 quan2 Pinyin
tone deaf English unable to sing in tune English

剎不住 Traditional 刹不住 Simplified
sha1 bu4 zhu4 Pinyin
unable to brake (stop) English

受不了 Traditional 受不了 Simplified
shou4 bu4 liao3 Pinyin
unbearable English unable to endure English can't stand English

吃不上 Traditional 吃不上 Simplified
chi1 bu5 shang4 Pinyin
unable to get anything to eat English to miss a meal English

合不來 Traditional 合不来 Simplified
he2 bu4 lai2 Pinyin
unable to get along together English incompatible English

Traditional Simplified
jin4 Pinyin
unable to speak English silent English

失學 Traditional 失学 Simplified
shi1 xue2 Pinyin
unable to go to school English an interruption to one's education English

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