Word Word
あな Reading
hole Translation eng deficit Translation eng shortage Translation eng missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.) Translation eng vacancy Translation eng opening Translation eng flaw Translation eng profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others Translation eng upset victory (with a large payoff) Translation eng pit (of a theater) Translation eng hiding place Translation eng underbelly (of society, etc.) Translation eng Loch Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Öffnung Translation ger Ritze Translation ger Spalte Translation ger Leck Translation ger Senke Translation ger Beule Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Loch Translation ger Bau Translation ger Grube Translation ger Bergwerk Translation ger Lücke Translation ger Verlust Translation ger Defizit Translation ger Fehler Translation ger Grab Translation ger Grube Translation ger Außenseiter Translation ger trou Translation fre
平土間 Crossref 穴が開いている Crossref

転覆 Word 顛覆 Word 転ぷく Word
てんぷく Reading
capsizing Translation eng overturn Translation eng turning over Translation eng upset Translation eng overthrow (e.g. a government) Translation eng Sturz Translation ger Umsturz Translation ger Umkippen Translation ger Umschlagen Translation ger chavirement Translation fre révolution Translation fre retournement Translation fre

番狂わせ Word
ばんくるわせ Reading
unexpected result Translation eng upset Translation eng surprise Translation eng unerwartete Folge Translation ger Überraschung Translation ger

どぎまぎ Reading
flurried Translation eng in a flutter Translation eng upset Translation eng nervous Translation eng fassungslos Translation ger bestürzt Translation ger betroffen Translation ger verlegen Translation ger verwirrt Translation ger zerrüttet Translation ger

乱れ勝ち Word 乱勝 Word
みだれかち Reading
undone victory Translation eng upset victory Translation eng lost victory Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
dao4 Pinyin
upset English turn over English to tip English to pour English to go home English to the contrary English inverted English

Traditional Simplified
chang4 Pinyin
regretful English upset English despair English depressed English

懊惱 Traditional 懊恼 Simplified
ao4 nao3 Pinyin
annoyed English vexed English upset English

煩惱 Traditional 烦恼 Simplified
fan2 nao3 Pinyin
agonize English agony English annoyance English upset English vexation English worries English

fan1 Reading Pinyin ハン Reading On ホン Reading On ひるがえ. Reading Kun ひるがえ. Reading Kun beon Reading Korean Reading Korean
flip over Meaning upset Meaning capsize Meaning

dian1 Reading Pinyin テン Reading On いただ. Reading Kun たお.れる Reading Kun jeon Reading Korean
top Meaning peak Meaning summit Meaning upset Meaning

Character upset, pour out, overflow Definition
QING1 Pinyin king1 Jyutping
U+50BE Traditional

Character upset, pour out, overflow Definition
QING1 Pinyin king1 Jyutping KEI On KATAMUKU KATAMUKERU KUTSUGAESU Kun Hangul KYENG Korean *kiuɛng kiuɛng Tang khuynh Viet
U+503E Simplified

Traditional Simplified
dun1 Pinyin
upsetting (forged pieces) English

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