うわ Reading
upper Translation eng upward Translation eng outer Translation eng surface Translation eng top Translation eng ве́рхний Translation rus нару́жный Translation rus вверху́ Translation rus вверх Translation rus вы́сший Translation rus

上昇気流 Word
じょうしょうきりゅう Reading
ascending air current Translation eng updraft Translation eng upward trend Translation eng rise in popularity, influence, etc. Translation eng Aufwind Translation ger aufsteigender Luftstrom Translation ger

上目 Word
うわめ Reading
upward glance Translation eng upturned eyes Translation eng Schielen nach oben Translation ger Verdrehen der Augen nach oben Translation ger

跳ね Word 撥ね Word
はね Reading
(a) jump Translation eng splashes (usu. of mud) Translation eng upward turn at the bottom (e.g. of a vertical stroke of a kanji or of a hairdo) Translation eng close (e.g. of a theatrical performance) Translation eng breakup Translation eng Springen Translation ger Spritzen Translation ger Ende Translation ger Schluss Translation ger (einer Aufführung) Translation ger

上向き Word
うわむき Reading うえむき Reading
pointing up Translation eng pointing upward Translation eng upturn Translation eng uptrend Translation eng upward tendency Translation eng positiver Trend Translation ger steigende Tendenz Translation ger Haussebewegung Translation ger etw. nach oben Gerichtetes Translation ger

引き上げ Word 引き揚げ Word 引上げ Word 引揚げ Word
ひきあげ Reading
pulling up Translation eng drawing up Translation eng salvage Translation eng re-floatation Translation eng raising Translation eng increase Translation eng upward revision Translation eng Heimkehr Translation ger Rückzug Translation ger Repatriierung Translation ger Erhöhung Translation ger Preiserhöhung Translation ger Lohnerhöhung Translation ger Bergung Translation ger Wiederflottmachen Translation ger (eines Schiffes) Translation ger Heraufziehen Translation ger augmentation Translation fre majoration Translation fre rapatriement Translation fre relèvement Translation fre renflouage Translation fre repêchage Translation fre sauvetage Translation fre

繰り上げ Word 繰上 Word 繰上げ Word
くりあげ Reading
upward move Translation eng advance Translation eng Vorverlegung Translation ger

騰勢 Word
とうせい Reading
upward trend Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger steigende Tendenz Translation ger Anstiegstendenz Translation ger

上昇傾向 Word
じょうしょうけいこう Reading
upward tendency Translation eng rising trend Translation eng aufsteigende Tendenz Translation ger

上方修正 Word
じょうほうしゅうせい Reading
upward adjustment Translation eng upward revision Translation eng

出世コース Word
しゅっせコース Reading
career track Translation eng promotional track Translation eng fast track Translation eng upward mobility Translation eng

アップワード Reading Upward Romaji

上揚趨勢 Traditional 上扬趋势 Simplified
shang4 yang2 qu1 shi4 Pinyin
upward trend English rising tendency English

向上 Traditional 向上 Simplified
xiang4 shang4 Pinyin
upward English up English to advance English to try to improve oneself English to make progress English

向上地 Traditional 向上地 Simplified
xiang4 shang4 di4 Pinyin
up English upward English upwards English

漲勢 Traditional 涨势 Simplified
zhang3 shi4 Pinyin
rising trend English upward momentum (e.g. in prices) English

漲風 Traditional 涨风 Simplified
zhang3 feng1 Pinyin
upward trend (in prices) English

起來 Traditional 起来 Simplified
qi3 lai5 Pinyin
beginning or continuing an action English upward movement English stand up English

移行性 Word
いこうせい Reading
portability Translation eng upgradability Translation eng upwards compatibility Translation eng transitional Translation eng übergehende Eigenschaft Translation ger

上邊 Traditional 上边 Simplified
shang4 bian5 Pinyin
the top English above English overhead English upwards English the top margin English above-mentioned English those higher up English

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