Character vehicle Definition
BEN4 Pinyin

くるま Reading
car Translation eng automobile Translation eng vehicle Translation eng wheel Translation eng Rad Translation ger Wagen Translation ger Auto Translation ger Karren Translation ger Fuhrwerk Translation ger Gefährt Translation ger Wagon Translation ger Taxi Translation ger véhicule Translation fre voiture Translation fre машина Translation rus повозка Translation rus вагон Translation rus

車検 Word
しゃけん Reading
vehicle inspection Translation eng Fahrzeuginspektion Translation ger TÜV Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

媒介物 Word
ばいかいぶつ Reading
medium Translation eng agency Translation eng carrier Translation eng vehicle Translation eng Vermittler Translation ger Medium Translation ger médiateur Translation fre

乗り物 Word 乗物 Word
のりもの Reading
vehicle Translation eng Fahrzeug Translation ger moyen de transport Translation fre véhicule Translation fre сре́дство передвиже́ния Translation rus

自動車税 Word
じどうしゃぜい Reading
automobile tax Translation eng vehicle tax Translation eng Automobilsteuer Translation ger

辻待ち Word
つじまち Reading
vehicle waiting to be hired Translation eng (obsol.) Translation ger Warten auf Kunden am Straßenrand Translation ger

シャコタン Reading
vehicle with body lowered Translation eng
車高短 Crossref

ビークル Reading
vehicle Translation eng

車高 Word
しゃこう Reading
vehicle height Translation eng

ビヒクル Reading
vehicle Translation eng

媒界 Traditional 媒界 Simplified
mei2 jie4 Pinyin
medium English vehicle English

裝甲 Traditional 装甲 Simplified
zhuang1 jia3 Pinyin
vehicle armor English

Traditional Simplified
che1 Pinyin
car English vehicle English machine English to shape with a lathe English

車主 Traditional 车主 Simplified
che1 zhu3 Pinyin
vehicle owner English

車照 Traditional 车照 Simplified
che1 zhao4 Pinyin
vehicle license English

車輛 Traditional 车辆 Simplified
che1 liang4 Pinyin
vehicle English

車速 Traditional 车速 Simplified
che1 su4 Pinyin
vehicle speed English

載體 Traditional 载体 Simplified
zai4 ti3 Pinyin
carrier (chemistry) English vehicle or medium English

Traditional Simplified
xian4 Pinyin
vehicle for transporting prisoners English

jia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On かご Reading Kun .する Reading Kun しのぐ Reading Kun のる Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
vehicle Meaning palanquin Meaning litter Meaning hitch up an animal Meaning subir Meaning es montar (caballo) Meaning es vehículo Meaning es superar Meaning es vencer Meaning es

xian4 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ゲン Reading On ひび. Reading Kun ham Reading Korean
vehicle for transporting prisoners Meaning

車両 Word 車輛 Word 車輌 Word
しゃりょう Reading
rolling stock Translation eng railroad cars Translation eng vehicles Translation eng Wagen Translation ger Fahrzeug Translation ger Vehikel Translation ger matériel roulant (ferroviaire) Translation fre véhicule Translation fre nombre de voiture ou de wagon (dans un train) Translation fre

車馬 Traditional 车马 Simplified
che1 ma3 Pinyin
vehicles and horses English

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