jing4 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On ケイ Reading On きそ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun かい Nanori わたなべ Nanori gyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
emulate Meaning compete with Meaning bid Meaning sell at auction Meaning bout Meaning contest Meaning race Meaning compétition Meaning fr rivaliser Meaning fr enchère Meaning fr vente aux enchères Meaning fr combat Meaning fr concours Meaning fr course Meaning fr competir Meaning es rivalizar Meaning es comparar Meaning es imitar Meaning pt competir com Meaning pt oferta Meaning pt vender em leilão Meaning pt disputa Meaning pt competição Meaning pt corrida Meaning pt

shang1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On あきな. Reading Kun あき Nanori sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
make a deal Meaning selling Meaning dealing in Meaning merchant Meaning commerce Meaning fr affaire Meaning fr vente Meaning fr distributeur Meaning fr marchand Meaning fr trato Meaning es negociación Meaning es vender Meaning es tratar con Meaning es Fazer um acordo Meaning pt vender Meaning pt comerciante Meaning pt

tou2 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On .げる Reading Kun -な. Reading Kun tu Reading Korean Reading Korean
throw Meaning discard Meaning abandon Meaning launch into Meaning join Meaning invest in Meaning hurl Meaning give up Meaning sell at a loss Meaning jeter Meaning fr mettre au rebut Meaning fr abandonner Meaning fr lancer Meaning fr investir Meaning fr se lancer dans Meaning fr vendre à perte Meaning fr lanzar Meaning es arrojar Meaning es arremessar Meaning pt descartar Meaning pt desembaraçar Meaning pt lançar Meaning pt unir Meaning pt investir Meaning pt atirar Meaning pt desistir Meaning pt vender com perdas Meaning pt

mai4 Reading Pinyin バイ Reading On . Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun うり Nanori うる Nanori Nanori mae Reading Korean Reading Korean
sell Meaning vendre Meaning fr vender Meaning es ensanchar Meaning es propagar Meaning es ser vendido Meaning es Vender Meaning pt

fan4 Reading Pinyin ハン Reading On pan Reading Korean Reading Korean
marketing Meaning sell Meaning trade Meaning commercialisation Meaning fr vente Meaning fr commerce Meaning fr vender Meaning es comerciar Meaning es tratar con Meaning es negociar Meaning pt vender Meaning pt comercializar Meaning pt

ベンダリゼーション Reading
venderization Translation eng venderisation Translation eng Umstellung auf Verkaufsautomaten Translation ger

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