ベンチャー Reading ベンチャ Reading
venture Translation eng bencher (baseball) Translation eng Risiko Translation ger Spekulation Translation ger Risikounternehmen Translation ger Venture-Unternehmen Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger . Translation ger

ベンチャーキャピタル Reading
venture capital Translation eng {Wirtsch.} Risikokapital Translation ger Venture-Kapital Translation ger

ベンチャービジネス Reading
venture business Translation eng Risikounternehmen Translation ger Venture-Unternehmen Translation ger

敢えて Word 敢て Word
あえて Reading
dare (to do something) Translation eng venture (often overcoming reluctance, or in the face of probable failure) Translation eng take upon oneself Translation eng challenge Translation eng presume Translation eng (there is no) need to Translation eng (don't) go as far as Translation eng definitely (not) Translation eng (schriftspr.) kühn Translation ger wagemutig Translation ger beherzt Translation ger unverzagt Translation ger entschlossen Translation ger auf jeden Fall Translation ger (mit Verneinung:) Translation ger nicht davor zuruckschrecken Translation ger bereit sein Translation ger ... zu tun Translation ger défi Translation fre сме́ло Translation rus реши́тельно Translation rus

投機 Word
とうき Reading
speculation Translation eng venture Translation eng stockjobbing Translation eng gambling (on stocks) Translation eng Spekulation Translation ger Aktienspekulation Translation ger spéculation Translation fre

冒険 Word
ぼうけん Reading
risk Translation eng venture Translation eng adventure Translation eng Abenteuer Translation ger gewagtes Unternehmen Translation ger Risiko Translation ger Gefahr Translation ger aventure Translation fre danger Translation fre entreprise périlleuse Translation fre risque Translation fre

ヴェンチャー Reading Venture Romaji

不揣冒昧 Traditional 不揣冒昧 Simplified
bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4 Pinyin
venture to English presume to English take the liberty of English

創業 Traditional 创业 Simplified
chuang4 ye4 Pinyin
to begin an undertaking English to start a major task English to initiate English to venture English venture English entrepreneurship English

創業投資 Traditional 创业投资 Simplified
chuang4 ye4 tou2 zi1 Pinyin
venture capital English

風險 Traditional 风险 Simplified
feng1 xian3 Pinyin
risk English venture English hazard English

風險投資 Traditional 风险投资 Simplified
feng1 xian3 tou2 zi1 Pinyin
venture capital English

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