Character used in girl's name Definition
so1 zo6 Jyutping
VICE Cangjie Input Code

悪習 Word
あくしゅう Reading
bad habit Translation eng vice Translation eng schlechte Gewohnheit Translation ger schlechte Sitte Translation ger

悪徳 Word
あくとく Reading
vice Translation eng immorality Translation eng corruption Translation eng Laster Translation ger Untugend Translation ger Unmoral Translation ger Verderbnis Translation ger

悪風 Word
あくふう Reading
vice Translation eng bad manners Translation eng evil customs Translation eng schlechte Gewohnheit Translation ger entartete Sitte Translation ger Sturm Translation ger Orkan Translation ger (z.B. für die Ernte) Translation ger schädlicher Wind Translation ger

悪弊 Word
あくへい Reading
vice Translation eng abuse Translation eng evil Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Übel Translation ger schlechte Gewohnheit Translation ger schlechte Sitten Translation ger

罪悪 Word
ざいあく Reading
crime Translation eng sin Translation eng vice Translation eng Verbrechen Translation ger Vergehen Translation ger Sünde Translation ger

反対 Word
はんたい Reading
opposition Translation eng resistance Translation eng antagonism Translation eng hostility Translation eng contrast Translation eng objection Translation eng dissension Translation eng reverse Translation eng opposite Translation eng vice versa Translation eng Gegenteil Translation ger Gegensatz Translation ger Umkehrung Translation ger Opposition Translation ger Widerstand Translation ger Einspruch Translation ger Einwand Translation ger Widerspruch Translation ger Widerstreit Translation ger contraire Translation fre inverse Translation fre oppossé Translation fre hostilité Translation fre objection Translation fre opposition Translation fre résistance Translation fre оппозиция Translation rus сопротивление Translation rus возражение Translation rus

不善 Word
ふぜん Reading
evil Translation eng sin Translation eng vice Translation eng mischief Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Böse Translation ger Schlechtes Translation ger

不徳 Word
ふとく Reading
lack of virtue Translation eng immorality Translation eng vice Translation eng depravity Translation eng unworthiness Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger mangelnde Tugend Translation ger Laster Translation ger Untugend Translation ger Unsittlichkeit Translation ger dépravation Translation fre immoralité Translation fre indigne d'attention Translation fre

副首相 Word
ふくしゅしょう Reading
deputy prime minister Translation eng vice prime minister Translation eng Vizepremier Translation ger

悪癖 Word
あくへき Reading わるぐせ Reading
bad habit Translation eng vice Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Laster Translation ger schlechte Gewohnheit Translation ger schlechte Angewohnheit Translation ger Mangel Translation ger mauvaises manières Translation fre

教頭 Word
きょうとう Reading
deputy head teacher Translation eng vice principal Translation eng stellvertretender Schulleiter Translation ger Konrektor Translation ger Oberstudienrat Translation ger Studiendirektor Translation ger

副長 Word
ふくちょう Reading
deputy head Translation eng deputy director Translation eng vice chief (of something) Translation eng executive officer (navy) Translation eng Stellvertreter Translation ger

風俗犯罪 Word
ふうぞくはんざい Reading
offense against public morals Translation eng morals offense Translation eng vice crime Translation eng

副総裁 Word
ふくそうさい Reading
vice president Translation eng

教頭先生 Word
きょうとうせんせい Reading
vice principal Translation eng
教頭 Crossref

副部長 Word
ふくぶちょう Reading
deputy director Translation eng assistant director Translation eng vice director Translation eng deputy general manager Translation eng assistant general manager Translation eng vice (general) manager Translation eng

バイス Reading
vice Translation eng vise Translation eng

中將 Traditional 中将 Simplified
zhong1 jiang4 Pinyin
lieutenant general English vice admiral English air marshal English

副總理 Traditional 副总理 Simplified
fu4 zong3 li3 Pinyin
vice-premier English vice prime minister English deputy prime minister English

惡心 Traditional 恶心 Simplified
e4 xin1 Pinyin
bad habit English vicious habit English vice English

惡習 Traditional 恶习 Simplified
e4 xi2 Pinyin
bad habit English vice English

淫樂 Traditional 淫乐 Simplified
yin2 le4 Pinyin
vice English degenerate pleasures English

道德敗壞 Traditional 道德败坏 Simplified
dao4 de2 bai4 huai4 Pinyin
demoralization English vice English immorality English

e4 Reading Pinyin e3 Reading Pinyin wu4 Reading Pinyin アク Reading On Reading On わる. Reading Kun わる- Reading Kun . Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun -にく. Reading Kun ああ Reading Kun いずくに Reading Kun いずくんぞ Reading Kun にく. Reading Kun ag Reading Korean o Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bad Meaning vice Meaning rascal Meaning false Meaning evil Meaning wrong Meaning mauvais Meaning fr vice Meaning fr vaurien Meaning fr faux Meaning fr mal Meaning fr malo Meaning es incorrecto Meaning es equivocado Meaning es odio Meaning es mal Meaning es mal Meaning pt ruim Meaning pt falso Meaning pt mau Meaning pt errado Meaning pt

bi4 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On pye Reading Korean Reading Korean
abuse Meaning evil Meaning vice Meaning breakage Meaning mal Meaning fr abus Meaning fr vice Meaning fr impropre à tout usage Meaning fr humblement Meaning fr desgastarse Meaning es agotarse Meaning es cansarse Meaning es abuso Meaning es vicio Meaning es nuestro [humilde] Meaning es abuso Meaning pt mau Meaning pt mal Meaning pt ruptura Meaning pt

pi3 Reading Pinyin pi4 Reading Pinyin ヘキ Reading On くせ Reading Kun くせ. Reading Kun byeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
mannerism Meaning habit Meaning vice Meaning trait Meaning fault Meaning kink Meaning manie Meaning fr mauvaise habitude Meaning fr vice Meaning fr trait (caractère) Meaning fr défaut Meaning fr frisé Meaning fr costumbre Meaning es hábito Meaning es debilidad Meaning es vicio Meaning es manía Meaning es maneirismo Meaning pt hábito Meaning pt vício Meaning pt traço Meaning pt falta Meaning pt entortar Meaning pt

zui4 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On Reading On つみ Reading Kun そしる Reading Kun
crime Meaning sin Meaning vice Meaning evil Meaning hardship Meaning

次長 Word
じちょう Reading
vice- Translation eng assistant director Translation eng vice-director Translation eng stellvertretender Direktor Translation ger Vizedirektor Translation ger zweiter Direktor Translation ger

ふく Reading
assistant Translation eng associate Translation eng vice- Translation eng sub- Translation eng deputy Translation eng substitute Translation eng auxiliary Translation eng supplementary Translation eng additional Translation eng collateral Translation eng duplicate Translation eng copy Translation eng Duplikat Translation ger assistant- (président, directeur, préfet, chef) Translation fre sous- Translation fre vice- Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
fu4 Pinyin
secondary English auxiliary English deputy English assistant English vice- English abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb English classifier for pairs English

Traditional Simplified
ci4 Pinyin
next in sequence English second English the second (day, time etc) English secondary English vice- English sub- English infra- English inferior quality English substandard English order English sequence English hypo- (chemistry) English classifier for enumerated events: time English

fu4 Reading Pinyin フク Reading On そい Nanori そえ Nanori bu Reading Korean bog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
vice- Meaning duplicate Meaning copy Meaning vice- Meaning fr copie Meaning fr duplicata Meaning fr vice- Meaning es duplicado Meaning es copia Meaning es vice- Meaning pt duplicar Meaning pt cópia Meaning pt

中将 Word
ちゅうじょう Reading
lieutenant general Translation eng vice-admiral Translation eng {Milit.} Generalleutnant Translation ger (Heer) Translation ger Vizeadmiral Translation ger (Marine) Translation ger

副議長 Word
ふくぎちょう Reading
vice-chairman Translation eng Vizevorsitzender Translation ger Vizepräsident Translation ger

副議長 Traditional 副议长 Simplified
fu4 yi4 zhang3 Pinyin
vice-chairman English

副主席 Traditional 副主席 Simplified
fu4 zhu3 xi2 Pinyin
vice-chairperson English

副領事 Word
ふくりょうじ Reading
vice-consul Translation eng

副使 Word
ふくし Reading
vice-envoy Translation eng deputy delegate Translation eng Vizegesandter Translation ger

ヴィセラス Reading Vicellous Romaji

事務次官 Word
じむじかん Reading
permanent vice-president Translation eng undersecretary Translation eng vice-minister Translation eng Staatssekretär Translation ger

次官 Word
じかん Reading
vice-minister Translation eng undersecretary Translation eng Vizeminister Translation ger Staatssekretär Translation ger Sous-Secrétaire Translation fre Vice-Ministre Translation fre

ビセンテ Reading Vicente Romaji

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