yi4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On ゲイ Reading On けい.する Reading Kun まい. Reading Kun いた. Reading Kun もう.でる Reading Kun ye Reading Korean Reading Korean
visit a temple Meaning llegada Meaning es visita a un templo Meaning es llegar Meaning es alcanzar Meaning es visitar un templo Meaning es

can1 Reading Pinyin cen1 Reading Pinyin shen1 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On シン Reading On まい. Reading Kun まい- Reading Kun まじわる Reading Kun みつ Reading Kun Nanori sam Reading Korean cham Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
nonplussed Meaning three Meaning going Meaning coming Meaning visiting Meaning visit Meaning be defeated Meaning die Meaning be madly in love Meaning dérouté Meaning fr déconcerté Meaning fr trois (III) Meaning fr aller Meaning fr venir Meaning fr visiter Meaning fr être battu Meaning fr mourir Meaning fr follement amoureux Meaning fr visita Meaning es asistencia Meaning es consulta Meaning es derrota Meaning es ir Meaning es venir Meaning es visitar [humilde] Meaning es asistir Meaning es ser derrotado Meaning es confuso Meaning pt visitando Meaning pt visitar Meaning pt derrotar Meaning pt dados Meaning pt apaixonados Meaning pt

ke4 Reading Pinyin キャク Reading On カク Reading On gaeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
guest Meaning visitor Meaning customer Meaning client Meaning hôte Meaning fr client Meaning fr visiteur Meaning fr huésped Meaning es visitante Meaning es cliente Meaning es convidado Meaning pt visitante Meaning pt cliente Meaning pt

fang3 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On おとず.れる Reading Kun たず.ねる Reading Kun . Reading Kun Nanori bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
call on Meaning visit Meaning look up Meaning offer sympathy Meaning rendre visite Meaning fr demander Meaning fr rechercher Meaning fr accuser Meaning fr présenter ses condoléances Meaning fr visitar Meaning es hacer una visita Meaning es invocar Meaning pt visitar Meaning pt melhorar Meaning pt oferecer simpatia Meaning pt

検察 Word
けんさつ Reading
examination Translation eng prosecutor Translation eng Untersuchung Translation ger Ermittlung Translation ger Verhör Translation ger Prüfung Translation ger Visitation Translation ger examen Translation fre procureur Translation fre

参観 Word
さんかん Reading
visit Translation eng inspection Translation eng Besichtigung Translation ger Besuch Translation ger Inspektion Translation ger Visitation Translation ger

襲来 Word
しゅうらい Reading
invasion Translation eng raid Translation eng attack Translation eng visitation (of a calamity) Translation eng Invasion Translation ger Überfall Translation ger Einfall Translation ger Angriff Translation ger Heimsuchung Translation ger

臨検 Word
りんけん Reading
on-the-spot investigation or inspection Translation eng raid Translation eng Durchsuchung Translation ger Untersuchung Translation ger Visitation Translation ger Razzia Translation ger

探視權 Traditional 探视权 Simplified
tan4 shi4 quan2 Pinyin
visitation rights (law) English

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