Character death, destroyed; lose, perish Definition
WANG2 WU2 Pinyin mong4 mou4 Jyutping BOU MOU On NAI NAKUNARU HOROBIRU Kun Hangul MANG MWU Korean *miɑng miɑng Tang vong Viet
U+4EBE Variant

WANG2 Pinyin KYOU On
U+4EFB<kHKGlyph Variant

Character destruction Definition
WANG2 Pinyin mong4 Jyutping BOU On HOROBIRU NAI Kun MANG MWU Korean
U+4EA1 Variant


Character king, ruler; royal; surname Definition
WANG2 WANG4 YU4 Pinyin wong4 wong6 Jyutping OU On KIMI Kun Hangul WANG Korean *hiuɑng hiuɑ̀ng Tang vương Viet

WANG2 Pinyin

WANG2 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
wang2 Pinyin
to die English to perish English

亡佚 Traditional 亡佚 Simplified
wang2 yi4 Pinyin
nonextant English lost to the ages English

亡命 Traditional 亡命 Simplified
wang2 ming4 Pinyin
to flee English to go into exile (from prison) English

亡國虜 Traditional 亡国虏 Simplified
wang2 guo2 lu3 Pinyin
refugee from a destroyed country English

亡母 Traditional 亡母 Simplified
wang2 mu3 Pinyin
deceased mother English

亡者 Traditional 亡者 Simplified
wang2 zhe3 Pinyin
the deceased English

亡靈 Traditional 亡灵 Simplified
wang2 ling2 Pinyin
departed spirit English

望見 Traditional 望见 Simplified
wang2 jian4 Pinyin
to espy English to spot English

Traditional Simplified
Wang2 Pinyin
surname Wang English

Traditional Simplified
wang2 Pinyin
king or monarch English best or strongest of its type English grand English great English

王位 Traditional 王位 Simplified
wang2 wei4 Pinyin
title of king English kingship English

王侯 Traditional 王侯 Simplified
wang2 hou2 Pinyin
aristocracy English

王侯公卿 Traditional 王侯公卿 Simplified
wang2 hou2 gong1 qing1 Pinyin
aristocracy English

王儲 Traditional 王储 Simplified
wang2 chu3 Pinyin
Crown Prince English heir to throne English

王八 Traditional 王八 Simplified
wang2 ba1 Pinyin
tortoise English cuckold English (insult with the flavor of bastard, son of a bitch) English cf 王八蛋 English

王八蛋 Traditional 王八蛋 Simplified
wang2 ba1 dan4 Pinyin
bastard (insult) English son of a bitch English

王公 Traditional 王公 Simplified
Wang2 gong1 Pinyin
princes and dukes English

王冠 Traditional 王冠 Simplified
wang2 guan1 Pinyin
crown English

王勃 Traditional 王勃 Simplified
Wang2 Bo2 Pinyin
Wang Bo (650-676), Tang poet English

王勵勤 Traditional 王励勤 Simplified
Wang2 Li4 qin2 Pinyin
Wang Liqin English

王化 Traditional 王化 Simplified
wang2 hua4 Pinyin
beneficial influence of the sovereign English

王后 Traditional 王后 Simplified
wang2 hou4 Pinyin
queen English

王國 Traditional 王国 Simplified
wang2 guo2 Pinyin
kingdom English realm English

王太后 Traditional 王太后 Simplified
Wang2 tai4 hou4 Pinyin
Queen Dowager (in Europe) English widowed queen English Queen mother English

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