Word Word
いぬ Reading
dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris) Translation eng snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.) Translation eng counterfeit Translation eng inferior Translation eng useless Translation eng wasteful Translation eng {Zool.} Hund Translation ger (m) Translation ger Hündin Translation ger (f) Translation ger Rüde Translation ger (m) Translation ger Welpe Translation ger (m) Translation ger Wauwau Translation ger (m) Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Canis familiaris>) Translation ger Spion Translation ger (m) Translation ger Angeber Translation ger (m) Translation ger chien Translation fre соба́ка Translation rus

不用 Word
ふよう Reading
disused Translation eng unused Translation eng useless Translation eng wasteful Translation eng of no use Translation eng
不要 Crossref

勿体ない Word 勿体無い Word 物体ない Word 物体無い Word
もったいない Reading
impious Translation eng profane Translation eng sacrilegious Translation eng too good Translation eng more than one deserves Translation eng unworthy of Translation eng wasteful Translation eng zu schade Translation ger zu gut Translation ger profan Translation ger respektlos Translation ger pietätlos Translation ger gaspilleur Translation fre immérité (quelque chose) Translation fre plus que nécessaire Translation fre sacrilège Translation fre trop bien Translation fre

浪費癖 Word
ろうひへき Reading
wasteful habits Translation eng Hang zur Verschwendung Translation ger

金遣いの荒い Word
かねずかいのあらい Reading
extravagant Translation eng wasteful of money Translation eng

費え Word
ついえ Reading
wasteful expenses Translation eng (schriftspr.) Unkosten Translation ger Kosten Translation ger Ausgaben Translation ger unnötige Kosten Translation ger Verschwendung Translation ger Vergeudung Translation ger расхо́ды Translation rus

そつ Reading
slip-up Translation eng miss Translation eng waste Translation eng wasteful or pointless action Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
chi3 Pinyin
extravagant English wasteful English exaggerating English

侈糜 Traditional 侈糜 Simplified
chi3 mi2 Pinyin
wasteful English extravagant English

奢侈 Traditional 奢侈 Simplified
she1 chi3 Pinyin
luxurious English extravagant English wasteful English

奢泰 Traditional 奢泰 Simplified
she1 tai4 Pinyin
extravagant English sumptuous English wasteful English

Traditional Simplified
fei4 Pinyin
to cost English to spend English fee English wasteful English expenses English

空費 Word
くうひ Reading
wastefulness Translation eng Verschwendung Translation ger Vergeudung Translation ger

不始末 Word 不仕末 Word
ふしまつ Reading
mismanagement Translation eng malpractice Translation eng malpractise Translation eng wastefulness Translation eng carelessness Translation eng misconduct Translation eng unthriftiness Translation eng schlechte Verwaltung Translation ger Misswirtschaft Translation ger Fahrlässigkeit Translation ger Schlamperei Translation ger Nachlässigkeit Translation ger Unwirtschaftlichkeit Translation ger Verschwendung Translation ger Veruntreuung Translation ger faute Translation fre gaspillage Translation fre inconduite Translation fre incurie Translation fre insouciance Translation fre mauvaise gestion Translation fre négligence Translation fre

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