Character why? what? where? Definition
HE2 Pinyin hot3 Jyutping KATSU On NANI NANZO IZUKUNSO Kun Hangul KAL Korean hɑt Tang hạt Viet

如何して Word
どうして Reading
why? Translation eng for what reason Translation eng how Translation eng in what way Translation eng for what purpose Translation eng what for Translation eng wieso Translation ger warum Translation ger weshalb Translation ger weswegen Translation ger wie Translation ger auf welche Weise Translation ger dans quel but Translation fre par quel moyen Translation fre pour quelle raison? Translation fre pourquoi? Translation fre почему Translation rus каким образом Translation rus

何で Word
なんで Reading
why? Translation eng what for? Translation eng how? Translation eng by what means? Translation eng warum Translation ger wieso Translation ger womit Translation ger pourquoi/pour quelle raison Translation fre

何だって Word
なんだって Reading
What?! Translation eng Why? Translation eng Come again? Translation eng anyone Translation eng anything Translation eng

なんでよつ Reading なんでよっ Reading
Why? Translation eng Why not? Translation eng What for? Translation eng What's wrong? Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
ai1 Pinyin
interjection of surprise or disapprobation hey! English why? English look out! English How dare you! English

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
(lit.) what? English where? English why? English surname Xi English

怎麼 Traditional 怎么 Simplified
zen3 me5 Pinyin
how? English what? English why? English

為甚麼 Traditional 为什么 Simplified
wei4 shen2 me5 Pinyin
why? English for what reason? English

緣何 Traditional 缘何 Simplified
yuan2 he2 Pinyin
why? English for what reason? English

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