ci2 Reading Pinyin
a kind of water bird Meaning with black color Meaning female Meaning woman-like Meaning

Character womanly Definition
DA2 Pinyin daap3 Jyutping

淑徳 Word
しゅくとく Reading
womanly virtues Translation eng weibliche Tugenden Translation ger chasteté Translation fre vertu féminine Translation fre

女らしい Word
おんならしい Reading
womanly Translation eng ladylike Translation eng feminine Translation eng weiblich Translation ger feminin Translation ger damenhaft Translation ger typiquement féminin Translation fre

女人氣 Traditional 女人气 Simplified
nu:3 ren2 qi4 Pinyin
womanly temperament English femininity English effeminate (of male) English cowardly English sissy English

陰柔 Traditional 阴柔 Simplified
yin1 rou2 Pinyin
womanly and gentle (u.E.) Deutsch

Character womanly, used in girl's name Definition
zung1 zung2 Jyutping

Character womanly; feminine Definition
KUI3 Pinyin kwaai2 Jyutping

むんむん Reading
stuffy Translation eng woman's desire Translation eng stickig Translation ger schwül Translation ger

女体 Word
にょたい Reading じょたい Reading
woman's body Translation eng weiblicher Körper Translation ger Leib einer Frau Translation ger

女色 Word
じょしょく Reading にょしょく Reading じょしき Reading
woman's beauty or charms Translation eng love affair with a woman Translation eng lust for women Translation eng Reiz einer Frau Translation ger Zauber einer Frau Translation ger Wollust Translation ger

女文字 Word
おんなもじ Reading
woman's handwriting Translation eng hiragana Translation eng Frauenhandschrift Translation ger Frauenschrift Translation ger Hiragana Translation ger

女心 Word
おんなごころ Reading
woman's heart Translation eng female instincts or psychology Translation eng Frauenherz Translation ger subtile Herz einer Frau Translation ger Laune einer Frau Translation ger же́нское се́рдце Translation rus же́нская психоло́гия Translation rus

婦道 Word
ふどう Reading
woman's duties Translation eng Tugenden einer Frau Translation ger Weiblichkeit Translation ger "Weg", den eine Frau gehen muss Translation ger

婦徳 Word
ふとく Reading
woman's virtues Translation eng weibliche Tugenden Translation ger

練馬大根 Word
ねりまだいこん Reading
variety of daikon Translation eng woman's fat legs Translation eng {Bot.} Nerima-Rettich Translation ger (erstmals in Nerima, Tôkyô, angebaut) Translation ger

繊指 Word
せんし Reading
woman's slender fingers Translation eng

バックシャン Reading
woman's fine rear-end Translation eng good ass Translation eng nice derriere Translation eng

套裙 Traditional 套裙 Simplified
tao4 qun2 Pinyin
woman's suit English dress worn over a petticoat English

纖手 Traditional 纤手 Simplified
xian1 shou3 Pinyin
delicate hands English woman's tender and soft hands English

連衣裙 Traditional 连衣裙 Simplified
lian2 yi1 qun2 Pinyin
woman's dress English frock English gown English

野漢子 Traditional 野汉子 Simplified
ye3 han4 zi5 Pinyin
woman's lover English

Traditional Simplified
ge2 Pinyin
pavilion (usu. two-storied) English cabinet (politics) English boudoir English woman's chamber English rack English shelf English

guo2 Reading Pinyin カク Reading On goeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
woman's head covering Meaning veil Meaning

nai3 Reading Pinyin ダイ Reading On Reading On ナイ Reading On ちち Reading Kun はぐく. Reading Kun nae Reading Korean
milk Meaning woman's breasts Meaning nurse Meaning

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