Character women's headgear; mourning cap Definition
GUO2 Pinyin gwok3 Jyutping
U+5E57 Traditional

Character women's headgear; mourning cap Definition
GUO2 Pinyin gwok3 Jyutping KAKU On KAMIKAZARI Kun
U+5E3C Simplified

もんぺ Reading
women's work pants Translation eng {Kleidung} japanische Bäuerinnenhose Translation ger

ウーマンリブ Reading
women's liberation Translation eng Frauenbefreiung Translation ger Emanzipationsbewegung Translation ger Frauenbewegung Translation ger

パンツ Reading
underpants Translation eng women's trousers Translation eng {Kleidung} Unterhose Translation ger Slip Translation ger {Kleidung} Badehose Translation ger kurze Hose. Translation ger slip Translation fre

女権 Word
じょけん Reading
women's rights Translation eng Frauenrechte Translation ger Rechte der Frauen Translation ger

女子大 Word
じょしだい Reading
women's college Translation eng women's university Translation eng Frauenuniversität Translation ger же́нский университе́т Translation rus же́нский ко́лледж Translation rus
女子大学 Crossref

女湯 Word
おんなゆ Reading
women's bath Translation eng Frauenabteilung im öffentlichen Bad Translation ger Frauenbad Translation ger

女便所 Word
おんなべんじょ Reading
women's toilet Translation eng

婦人服 Word
ふじんふく Reading
women's clothing Translation eng Damenbekleidung Translation ger

据え膳 Word 据膳 Word
すえぜん Reading
meal set before one Translation eng women's advances Translation eng auf einem Tablett bzw. Tischchen serviertes Menü Translation ger Esstischchen Translation ger

女性学 Word
じょせいがく Reading
women's studies Translation eng Frauenstudien Translation ger

女物 Word
おんなもの Reading
women's goods Translation eng Damenartikel Translation ger

婦人会 Word
ふじんかい Reading
women's group or association Translation eng Frauenverein Translation ger

婦人参政権 Word
ふじんさんせいけん Reading
women's suffrage Translation eng Frauenstimmrecht Translation ger

婦人病 Word
ふじんびょう Reading
women's diseases Translation eng Frauenkrankheit Translation ger

婦人問題 Word
ふじんもんだい Reading
women's issues Translation eng Frauenfrage Translation ger

婦人運動 Word
ふじんうんどう Reading
women's movement Translation eng Frauenbewegung Translation ger

婦選 Word
ふせん Reading
women's suffrage Translation eng

女子寮 Word
じょしりょう Reading
women's dormitory Translation eng Mädchenwohnheim Translation ger же́нское общежи́тие Translation rus

婦人靴 Word
ふじんくつ Reading
women's shoes Translation eng

女帯 Word
おんなおび Reading
women's kimono sash Translation eng
男帯 Crossref

女性語 Word
じょせいご Reading
women's language Translation eng

女性団体 Word
じょせいだんたい Reading
women's organization Translation eng women's group Translation eng women's movement Translation eng

女排 Traditional 女排 Simplified
nu:3 pai2 Pinyin
women's volleyball English abbr. of 女子排球 English

女權 Traditional 女权 Simplified
nu:3 quan2 Pinyin
women's rights English

女裝 Traditional 女装 Simplified
nu:3 zhuang1 Pinyin
women's clothes English

婦女運動 Traditional 妇女运动 Simplified
fu4 nu:3 yun4 dong4 Pinyin
women's movement English feminism English

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