Word Word Word Word
むしろ Reading えん Reading
woven mat (esp. one made of straw) Translation eng seat Translation eng Strohmatte Translation ger

地紋 Word
じもん Reading
woven pattern Translation eng eingewebtes Muster Translation ger

縞織物 Word
しまおりもの Reading
woven in stripes Translation eng

織り模様 Word
おりもよう Reading
woven pattern or design Translation eng Webmuster Translation ger eingewebtes Muster Translation ger

織布 Word
しょくふ Reading
woven fabric Translation eng

織り Word Word
おり Reading
weave Translation eng weaving Translation eng woven item Translation eng Gewebe Translation ger Textil Translation ger Faser Translation ger

筐筥 Word
きょうきょ Reading
woven bamboo box Translation eng

Word Word
こも Reading
woven straw mat (orig. made of wild rice leaves) Translation eng beggar Translation eng Manchurian wild rice (Zizania latifolia) Translation eng
真菰 Crossref 薦被り Crossref

Word Word
とま Reading
woven mat (of sedge, hay, etc.) Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
xi2 Pinyin
banquet English woven mat English seat English place in a democratic assembly English surname Xi English

Traditional Simplified
guang4 Pinyin
woven wood and bamboo utensil English classifier for threads and strings English

棕編 Traditional 棕编 Simplified
zong1 bian1 Pinyin
woven palm fiber (used in handicraft) English coir English woven coconut fiber English

絲織品 Traditional 丝织品 Simplified
si1 zhi1 pin3 Pinyin
woven silk fabric English

絲織物 Traditional 丝织物 Simplified
si1 zhi1 wu4 Pinyin
woven silk fabric English

編織品 Traditional 编织品 Simplified
bian1 zhi1 pin3 Pinyin
woven fabric English

緯錦 Traditional 纬锦 Simplified
wei3 jin3 Pinyin
woof brocade English woven fabric with many-colored woof English

織布 Traditional 织布 Simplified
zhi1 bu4 Pinyin
woven cloth English to weave cloth English

織物 Traditional 织物 Simplified
zhi1 wu4 Pinyin
cloth English woven material English textiles English

織花 Traditional 织花 Simplified
zhi1 hua1 Pinyin
woven pattern English

peng2 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On とま Reading Kun bong Reading Korean Reading Korean
woven rush awning Meaning

gun3 Reading Pinyin コン Reading On おび Reading Kun gon Reading Korean
cord Meaning woven belt Meaning hem Meaning hemming Meaning

籠目 Word
かごめ Reading
woven-bamboo pattern Translation eng Masche eines Käfiggitters Translation ger Muster wie von einem Bambuskäfig Translation ger ein Kinderspiel Translation ger

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