さく Reading
last (year) Translation eng yesterday Translation eng dernière (année) Translation fre hier (soir) Translation fre

昨日 Word
きのう Reading さくじつ Reading
yesterday Translation eng gestern Translation ger hier Translation fre вчера Translation rus

昨夕 Word
さくゆう Reading
yesterday evening Translation eng last night Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger gestern Abend Translation ger

昨朝 Word
さくちょう Reading
yesterday morning Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger gestern morgen Translation ger

イエスタデー Reading
yesterday Translation eng

今昔 Traditional 今昔 Simplified
jin1 xi1 Pinyin
past and present English yesterday and today English

Traditional Simplified
zuo2 Pinyin
yesterday English

昨天 Traditional 昨天 Simplified
zuo2 tian1 Pinyin
yesterday English

昨日 Traditional 昨日 Simplified
zuo2 ri4 Pinyin
yesterday English

昨晚 Traditional 昨晚 Simplified
zuo2 wan3 Pinyin
yesterday evening English last night English

zuo2 Reading Pinyin サク Reading On jag Reading Korean Reading Korean
yesterday Meaning previous Meaning hier Meaning fr précédent Meaning fr dernière Meaning fr ayer Meaning es previo Meaning es anterior Meaning es ontem Meaning pt prévio Meaning pt anterior Meaning pt

Character yesterday; in former times, past Definition
ZUO2 Pinyin zok3 zok6 Jyutping SAKU On KINOU Kun Hangul CAK Korean *dzhɑk Tang

昨紙 Word
さくし Reading
yesterdays paper Translation eng

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