すえ Reading
end Translation eng close Translation eng future Translation eng finally Translation eng tip Translation eng top Translation eng trivialities Translation eng posterity Translation eng youngest child Translation eng Ende Translation ger Schluss Translation ger Abschluss Translation ger Zukunft Translation ger Aussicht Translation ger Nachkommen Translation ger Nebensächlichkeit Translation ger Geringfügigkeit Translation ger nach Translation ger avenir Translation fre bout Translation fre fin Translation fre futur Translation fre plus jeune des enfants Translation fre terme Translation fre конец Translation rus

末女 Word
まつじょ Reading
youngest daughter Translation eng jüngste Tochter Translation ger

末男 Word
ばつなん Reading
youngest son Translation eng

末っ子 Word 末子 Word
すえっこ Reading すえこ Reading ばっし Reading まっし Reading
youngest child Translation eng jüngste Kind Translation ger letztgeborene Kind Translation ger benjamin Translation fre cadet Translation fre le plus jeune enfant Translation fre

末弟 Word
ばってい Reading まってい Reading
youngest brother Translation eng last disciple Translation eng (schriftspr.) jüngster Bruder Translation ger der jüngste Schüler Translation ger

乙姫 Word 弟姫 Word
おとひめ Reading
youngest princess Translation eng Otohime Translation ger im Drachenpalast unter dem Meer wohnende schöne Prinzessin Translation ger jüngere Prinzessin Translation ger

最年少 Word
さいねんしょう Reading
youngest Translation eng Am-Jüngsten-Sein Translation ger der Jüngste Translation ger

季子 Traditional 季子 Simplified
ji4 zi3 Pinyin
youngest brother English a period of two or three months English

季父 Traditional 季父 Simplified
ji4 fu4 Pinyin
youngest uncle English fourth uncle English

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