Character to dye Definition
ZAI4 Pinyin zoi3 Jyutping

Character load Definition
ZAI4 Pinyin BU On

ZAI4 Pinyin SAI On
U+510E Variant

Character carry, contain, load Definition
U+50A4 Variant

Character again, twice, re- Definition
ZAI4 Pinyin zoi3 Jyutping SAI SA On FUTATABI Kun Hangul CAY Korean *tzə̀i tzə̀i Tang tái Viet

Character be at, in, on; consist in, rest Definition
ZAI4 Pinyin zoi6 Jyutping ZAI On ARU IMASU Kun Hangul CAY Korean *dzhə̌i Tang tại Viet

ZAI4 Pinyin Hangul CAY Korean nhổ Viet

Character load; carry; transport, convey Definition
ZAI4 ZAI3 Pinyin zoi2 zoi3 Jyutping
U+8F09 Traditional

ZAI4 ZUI4 Pinyin doi6 zoi6 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
zai4 Pinyin
again English once more English re- English second English another English then (after sth, and not until then) English

再一次 Traditional 再一次 Simplified
zai4 yi1 ci4 Pinyin
again English

再三 Traditional 再三 Simplified
zai4 san1 Pinyin
over and over again English again and again English

再三再四 Traditional 再三再四 Simplified
zai4 san1 zai4 si4 Pinyin
repeatedly English over and over again English

再不 Traditional 再不 Simplified
zai4 bu4 Pinyin
if not, then English otherwise English

再使用 Traditional 再使用 Simplified
zai4 shi3 yong4 Pinyin
to reuse English

再來 Traditional 再来 Simplified
zai4 lai2 Pinyin
come again English

再保證 Traditional 再保证 Simplified
zai4 bao3 zheng4 Pinyin
reassure English

再入 Traditional 再入 Simplified
zai4 ru4 Pinyin
re-enters English

再出現 Traditional 再出现 Simplified
zai4 chu1 xian4 Pinyin
reappear English

再利用 Traditional 再利用 Simplified
zai4 li4 yong4 Pinyin
to reuse English

再則 Traditional 再则 Simplified
zai4 ze2 Pinyin
moreover English besides English

再四 Traditional 再四 Simplified
zai4 si4 Pinyin
repeatedly English over and over again English

再好 Traditional 再好 Simplified
zai4 hao3 Pinyin
even better English

再婚 Traditional 再婚 Simplified
zai4 hun1 Pinyin
to remarry English

再嫁 Traditional 再嫁 Simplified
zai4 jia4 Pinyin
to remarry (of woman) English

再審 Traditional 再审 Simplified
zai4 shen3 Pinyin
to hear a case again English review English retrial English

再度 Traditional 再度 Simplified
zai4 du4 Pinyin
once more English once again English one more time English

再建 Traditional 再建 Simplified
zai4 jian4 Pinyin
reconstruction English

再拜 Traditional 再拜 Simplified
zai4 bai4 Pinyin
to bow again English formal obeisance or kowtow English

再改 Traditional 再改 Simplified
zai4 gai3 Pinyin
to renew English to reform English

再會 Traditional 再会 Simplified
zai4 hui4 Pinyin
to meet again English until we meet again English goodbye English

再次 Traditional 再次 Simplified
zai4 ci4 Pinyin
one more time English again English one more English once again English

再版 Traditional 再版 Simplified
zai4 ban3 Pinyin
second edition English reprint English

再犯 Traditional 再犯 Simplified
zai4 fan4 Pinyin
to repeat a crime English persistent offender English

再現 Traditional 再现 Simplified
zai4 xian4 Pinyin
to recreate English to reconstruct (a historical relic) English

再生 Traditional 再生 Simplified
zai4 sheng1 Pinyin
to be reborn English to regenerate English to be a second so-and-so (famous dead person) English recycling English regeneration English

再生制動 Traditional 再生制动 Simplified
zai4 sheng1 zhi4 dong4 Pinyin
regenerative brake English

再生燃料 Traditional 再生燃料 Simplified
zai4 sheng1 ran2 liao4 Pinyin
renewable fuel English

再生產 Traditional 再生产 Simplified
zai4 sheng1 chan3 Pinyin
producing a copy English to reproduce English

再發 Traditional 再发 Simplified
zai4 fa1 Pinyin
to reissue English

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