ZHENG3 Pinyin

Character help, save, aid; lift, raise Definition
ZHENG3 Pinyin cing2 Jyutping JOU SHOU On SUKUU Kun Hangul CUNG Korean chửng Viet

Character law, commandments, regulations; (Cant.) to throw Definition
ZHENG3 Pinyin deng3 Jyutping TOU TEI JOU On OKITE Kun Hangul CENG Korean

ZHENG3 CHENG2 Pinyin caang4 cing2 Jyutping

Character orderly, neat, tidy; whole Definition
ZHENG3 Pinyin zing2 Jyutping SEI On TOTONOERU TOTONOU Kun Hangul CENG Korean jiɛ̌ng Tang chỉnh Viet

Character name of a river in Shandong Definition
ZHENG3 Pinyin cing2 Jyutping SHOU JOU On SUKUU Kun

ZHENG3 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
zheng3 Pinyin
to raise English to aid English to support English to save English to rescue English

拯救 Traditional 拯救 Simplified
zheng3 jiu4 Pinyin
to save English to rescue English

Traditional Simplified
zheng3 Pinyin
exactly English in good order English whole English complete English entire English in order English orderly English to repair English to mend English to renovate English to make sb suffer English to punish English to fix English to give sb a hard time English

整修 Traditional 整修 Simplified
zheng3 xiu1 Pinyin
to repair English to refurbish English to renovate English to refit English to mend English to rebuild English

整倂 Traditional 整并 Simplified
zheng3 bing4 Pinyin
to merge English to consolidate English consolidation English

整個 Traditional 整个 Simplified
zheng3 ge4 Pinyin
whole English entire English total English

整個地球 Traditional 整个地球 Simplified
zheng3 ge4 di4 qiu2 Pinyin
the whole world English

整倍數 Traditional 整倍数 Simplified
zheng3 bei4 shu4 Pinyin
integer multiple English

整合 Traditional 整合 Simplified
zheng3 he2 Pinyin
to conform English to integrate English

整地 Traditional 整地 Simplified
zheng3 di4 Pinyin
to prepare the soil (agriculture) English

整夜 Traditional 整夜 Simplified
zheng3 ye4 Pinyin
the whole night English all through the night English

整天 Traditional 整天 Simplified
zheng3 tian1 Pinyin
all day long English all English

整套 Traditional 整套 Simplified
zheng3 tao4 Pinyin
entire set English

整妝 Traditional 整妆 Simplified
zheng3 zhuang1 Pinyin
same as 整裝|整装 English to get ready (for a journey) English

整容 Traditional 整容 Simplified
zheng3 rong2 Pinyin
plastic surgery English

整年累月 Traditional 整年累月 Simplified
zheng3 nian2 lei3 yue4 Pinyin
all year round English over a long period English

整形外科 Traditional 整形外科 Simplified
zheng3 xing2 wai4 ke1 Pinyin
plastic surgery English orthopedics English

整改 Traditional 整改 Simplified
zheng3 gai3 Pinyin
to reform English to rectify and improve English

整整 Traditional 整整 Simplified
zheng3 zheng3 Pinyin
whole English full English

整整齊齊 Traditional 整整齐齐 Simplified
zheng3 zheng3 qi2 qi2 Pinyin
neat and tidy English

整數 Traditional 整数 Simplified
zheng3 shu4 Pinyin
whole number English integer (math.) English

整數倍數 Traditional 整数倍数 Simplified
zheng3 shu4 bei4 shu4 Pinyin
integral multiple English

整条 Traditional 整条 Simplified
zheng3 tiao2 Pinyin
entire English whole (fish, road etc) English

整治 Traditional 整治 Simplified
zheng3 zhi4 Pinyin
to renovate English to restore English to repair English to restore a waterway by dredging English corrective punishment English to get sth ready English

整潔 Traditional 整洁 Simplified
zheng3 jie2 Pinyin
neatly English tidy English

整理 Traditional 整理 Simplified
zheng3 li3 Pinyin
to arrange English to tidy up English to sort out English to straighten out English to list systematically English to collate (data, files) English to pack (luggage) English

整環 Traditional 整环 Simplified
zheng3 huan2 Pinyin
integral ring (math) English

整聲 Traditional 整声 Simplified
zheng3 sheng1 Pinyin
to tune (a musical instrument) English to regulate the sound English

整肅 Traditional 整肃 Simplified
zheng3 su4 Pinyin
strict English serious English solemn English dignified English to tidy upto clean up English to purge English to adjust English

整裝 Traditional 整装 Simplified
zheng3 zhuang1 Pinyin
to equip English to fit out English to get ready (for a journey) English to arrange (clothes) to be ready English

整訓 Traditional 整训 Simplified
zheng3 xun4 Pinyin
to drill troops English to build up and train English

整除數 Traditional 整除数 Simplified
zheng3 chu2 shu4 Pinyin
factor English exact divisor English

整頓 Traditional 整顿 Simplified
zheng3 dun4 Pinyin
to tidy up English to reorganize English to consolidate English to rectify English

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