ZHUAN3 Pinyin zyun2 Jyutping


Character shift, move, turn Definition
U+8F49 Variant

Character shift, move, turn Definition
ZHUAN3 ZHUAN4 Pinyin zyun2 zyun3 Jyutping TEN On KOROBU KOROGARU Kun Hangul CEN Korean *djiuɛ̌n Tang chuyển Viet
U+8F6C Simplified U+8EE2 Variant

Character shift, move, turn Definition
ZHUAN3 ZHUAN4 Pinyin zyun2 zyun3 Jyutping
U+8F49 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
zhuan3 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

Traditional Simplified
zhuan3 Pinyin
to convey English to forward (mail) English to transfer English to turn English to shift English

轉乘 Traditional 转乘 Simplified
zhuan3 cheng2 Pinyin
to transfer English to change trains, buses etc English

轉交 Traditional 转交 Simplified
zhuan3 jiao1 Pinyin
to pass on to sb English to carry and give to sb else English

轉位 Traditional 转位 Simplified
zhuan3 wei4 Pinyin
transposition English displacement English inversion English translocation English to displace English to transpose English

轉來轉去 Traditional 转来转去 Simplified
zhuan3 lai2 zhuan3 qu4 Pinyin
rove around English

轉入 Traditional 转入 Simplified
zhuan3 ru4 Pinyin
change over to English shift to English switch to English

轉劇 Traditional 转剧 Simplified
zhuan3 ju4 Pinyin
becoming acute English to exacerbate English

轉動 Traditional 转动 Simplified
zhuan3 dong4 Pinyin
to turn sth around English to swivel English

轉化 Traditional 转化 Simplified
zhuan3 hua4 Pinyin
to change English to transform English isomerization (chemistry) English

轉化糖 Traditional 转化糖 Simplified
zhuan3 hua4 tang2 Pinyin
inverted sugar English

轉口 Traditional 转口 Simplified
zhuan3 kou3 Pinyin
entrepot English transit (of goods) English (coll.) to deny English to go back on one's word English

轉向 Traditional 转向 Simplified
zhuan3 xiang4 Pinyin
to change direction English fig. to change one's stance English

轉告 Traditional 转告 Simplified
zhuan3 gao4 Pinyin
to pass on English to communicate English to transmit English

轉回 Traditional 转回 Simplified
zhuan3 hui2 Pinyin
to turn back English to put back English reversal English melodic inversion (in music) English

轉圜 Traditional 转圜 Simplified
zhuan3 huan2 Pinyin
to save or redeem (a situation) English to mediate English to intercede English

轉型 Traditional 转型 Simplified
zhuan3 xing2 Pinyin
transformation English to transform English

轉基因 Traditional 转基因 Simplified
zhuan3 ji1 yin1 Pinyin
genetic modification English

轉好 Traditional 转好 Simplified
zhuan3 hao3 Pinyin
improvement English turnaround (for the better) English

轉學 Traditional 转学 Simplified
zhuan3 xue2 Pinyin
to change schools English to transfer to another college English

轉學生 Traditional 转学生 Simplified
zhuan3 xue2 sheng5 Pinyin
student who changes school English

轉寫 Traditional 转写 Simplified
zhuan3 xie3 Pinyin
to transmit English to pass on written message English

轉導 Traditional 转导 Simplified
zhuan3 dao3 Pinyin
transduction English

轉差率 Traditional 转差率 Simplified
zhuan3 cha1 lu:4 Pinyin
slippage rate English

轉帆 Traditional 转帆 Simplified
zhuan3 fan1 Pinyin
to tack (of sailing ship) English to jibe English to go about English

轉帳 Traditional 转帐 Simplified
zhuan3 zhang4 Pinyin
transfer money from or into an account English

轉引 Traditional 转引 Simplified
zhuan3 yin3 Pinyin
to quote from secondary source English

轉彎 Traditional 转弯 Simplified
zhuan3 wan1 Pinyin
to turn English to go around a corner English

轉往 Traditional 转往 Simplified
zhuan3 wang3 Pinyin
to change (to final stretch of journey) English

轉徙 Traditional 转徙 Simplified
zhuan3 xi3 Pinyin
to migrate English to move house English

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