Character kitchen stove, cooking stove Definition
ZAO4 Pinyin zou3 Jyutping SOU On KAMA KAMADO HETSUTSUI Kun táo Viet
U+7AC8 Traditional

Character furnace; kitchen stove Definition
ZAO4 Pinyin zou3 Jyutping SOU On KAMADO Kun Hangul CO Korean tzɑ̀u Tang
U+7076 Simplified

Character mat Definition
ZUO4 Pinyin zou3 zou6 Jyutping

Character walk, go on foot; run; leave Definition
ZOU3 Pinyin zau2 Jyutping SOU SHU On HASHIRU Kun Hangul CWU Korean *tzǒu tzòu Tang tẩu Viet
U+8D71 Variant

Character walk, go on foot; run; leave Definition
U+8D70 Variant

Traditional Simplified
zou3 Pinyin
to walk English to go English to run English to move (of vehicle) English to visit English to leave English to go away English to die (euph.) English from English through English away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走) English to change (shape, form, meaning) English

走下坡路 Traditional 走下坡路 Simplified
zou3 xia4 po1 lu4 Pinyin
to go downhill English to decline English to slump English

走人 Traditional 走人 Simplified
zou3 ren2 Pinyin
to leave English to let sb leave English

走低 Traditional 走低 Simplified
zou3 di1 Pinyin
to go down English to decline English

走來回 Traditional 走来回 Simplified
zou3 lai2 hui2 Pinyin
to make a round trip English a return journey English

走俏 Traditional 走俏 Simplified
zou3 qiao4 Pinyin
(a product) sells well English to be in demand English

走光 Traditional 走光 Simplified
zou3 guang1 Pinyin
to expose oneself English

走入 Traditional 走入 Simplified
zou3 ru4 Pinyin
to walk into English

走出 Traditional 走出 Simplified
zou3 chu1 Pinyin
to move away from English to walk away from English

走動 Traditional 走动 Simplified
zou3 dong4 Pinyin
to move about English

走勢 Traditional 走势 Simplified
zou3 shi4 Pinyin
tendency English trend English path English

走卒 Traditional 走卒 Simplified
zou3 zu2 Pinyin
pawn (i.e. foot soldier) English servant English lackey (of malefactor) English

走南闖北 Traditional 走南闯北 Simplified
zou3 nan2 chuang3 bei3 Pinyin
travel extensively English

走去 Traditional 走去 Simplified
zou3 qu4 Pinyin
to walk over (to) English

走向 Traditional 走向 Simplified
zou3 xiang4 Pinyin
direction English strike (i.e. angle of inclination in geology) English inclination English trend English to move towards English to head for English

走味 Traditional 走味 Simplified
zou3 wei4 Pinyin
to lose flavor English

走在 Traditional 走在 Simplified
zou3 zai4 Pinyin
walking (on sth) English

走好運 Traditional 走好运 Simplified
zou3 hao3 yun4 Pinyin
to experience good luck English

走孃家 Traditional 走娘家 Simplified
zou3 niang2 jia1 Pinyin
to visit one's in-laws English

走子 Traditional 走子 Simplified
zou3 zi3 Pinyin
a move (in chess) English

走山 Traditional 走山 Simplified
zou3 shan1 Pinyin
landslide English avalanche English to take a walk in the mountains English

走廊 Traditional 走廊 Simplified
zou3 lang2 Pinyin
corridor English aisle English hallway English colonnade English passageway English piazza English veranda English

走彎路 Traditional 走弯路 Simplified
zou3 wan1 lu4 Pinyin
to take an indirect route English

走形 Traditional 走形 Simplified
zou3 xing2 Pinyin
out of shape English to lose shape English to deform English

走形兒 Traditional 走形儿 Simplified
zou3 xing2 r5 Pinyin
out of shape English to lose shape English to deform English

走形式 Traditional 走形式 Simplified
zou3 xing2 shi4 Pinyin
to go through the formalities English

走心 Traditional 走心 Simplified
zou3 xin1 Pinyin
to take care English to be mindful English

走扇 Traditional 走扇 Simplified
zou3 shan4 Pinyin
not closing properly (of door, window etc) English

走掉 Traditional 走掉 Simplified
zou3 diao4 Pinyin
to leave English

走散 Traditional 走散 Simplified
zou3 san4 Pinyin
to wander off English to stray English to get lost English

走樣 Traditional 走样 Simplified
zou3 yang4 Pinyin
to lose shape English to deform English

走樣兒 Traditional 走样儿 Simplified
zou3 yang4 r5 Pinyin
to lose shape English to deform English

走步 Traditional 走步 Simplified
zou3 bu4 Pinyin
to walk English to step English pace English traveling (walking with the ball, a foul in basketball) English

走水 Traditional 走水 Simplified
zou3 shui3 Pinyin
to leak (of water) English running water English

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