Character can not walk normally Definition
ZUO3 Pinyin zo2 Jyutping

Character assist, aid, second; subordinate Definition
ZUO3 Pinyin zo3 Jyutping SA On TASUKE TASUKERU SUKE Kun Hangul CWA Korean Viet

Character (Cant.) verbal particle of perfective aspect Definition
ZUO3 Pinyin zo2 Jyutping

Character (Cant.) particle indicating past tense Definition
ZUO3 ZU3 Pinyin zo2 Jyutping

Character left; east; unorthodox, improper Definition
ZUO3 Pinyin zo2 Jyutping SA On HIDARI MOTORU TASUKERU Kun Hangul CWA Korean tzɑ̌ Tang tả Viet

ZUO3 JIE3 Pinyin

ZUO3 Pinyin dyut3 Jyutping nhè tói Viet

Traditional Simplified
zuo3 Pinyin
to assist English assistant English aide English to accompany English

佐料 Traditional 佐料 Simplified
zuo3 liao4 Pinyin
condiments English seasoning English

佐治亞 Traditional 佐治亚 Simplified
Zuo3 zhi4 ya4 Pinyin
Georgia, US state English

佐治亞州 Traditional 佐治亚州 Simplified
Zuo3 zhi4 ya4 zhou1 Pinyin
Georgia, US state English

佐證 Traditional 佐证 Simplified
zuo3 zheng4 Pinyin
evidence English proof English to confirm English corroboration English

佐貳 Traditional 佐贰 Simplified
zuo3 er4 Pinyin
deputy English junior English

佐餐 Traditional 佐餐 Simplified
zuo3 can1 Pinyin
(of food) accompaniment English

Traditional Simplified
zuo3 Pinyin
left English surname Zuo English

左上 Traditional 左上 Simplified
zuo3 shang4 Pinyin
upper left English

左下 Traditional 左下 Simplified
zuo3 xia4 Pinyin
lower left English

左不過 Traditional 左不过 Simplified
zuo3 bu5 guo4 Pinyin
anyhow English in any event English just English only English

左側 Traditional 左侧 Simplified
zuo3 ce4 Pinyin
left side English

左傾 Traditional 左倾 Simplified
zuo3 qing1 Pinyin
left-leaning English progressive English

左前衛 Traditional 左前卫 Simplified
zuo3 qian2 wei4 Pinyin
left forward (soccer position) English

左右 Traditional 左右 Simplified
zuo3 you4 Pinyin
about English approximately English left and right English around English attendant English

左右手 Traditional 左右手 Simplified
zuo3 you4 shou3 Pinyin
left and right hands English fig. collaboration English

左右袒 Traditional 左右袒 Simplified
zuo3 you4 tan3 Pinyin
to take sides with English to be partial to English to be biased English to favor one side English

左岸 Traditional 左岸 Simplified
Zuo3 an4 Pinyin
Left Bank (in Paris) English

左手 Traditional 左手 Simplified
zuo3 shou3 Pinyin
left hand English left-hand side English

左撇子 Traditional 左撇子 Simplified
zuo3 pie3 zi5 Pinyin
left-handed English

左派 Traditional 左派 Simplified
zuo3 pai4 Pinyin
(political) left English left wing English leftist English

左箭頭 Traditional 左箭头 Simplified
zuo3 jian4 tou2 Pinyin
left-pointing arrow English

左翼 Traditional 左翼 Simplified
zuo3 yi4 Pinyin
left-wing (political) English

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