Unicode 5.2
Character Definition ( same as ) to make ; to do ; to act , to write ; to compose ; to rise , work
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zok3 zok6

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition to sound , a sound , the cry of a bird or animal
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zok3

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition ( same as ) to sit , a seat
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zo6

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition frivolous ; flippant ; disrespectful ; irreverent ; to insult , young , used in girl's name
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping so1

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition thick and big ropes or cords ; bulky cables , spoilt silk
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zok6

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition fish paste ; fish cooked in soy sauce
Pinyin ZUO4

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition make ; work ; compose , write ; act , perform
Pinyin ZUO4 ZUO1 ZUO2 Jyutping zok3 On SAKU SA Kun TSUKURU TSUKURI NASU Hangul Korean CAK CWU Tang *tzɑk tzɑk Viet tác

Unicode 5.2
Pinyin ZUO4 CUO4 Jyutping co3 zo6 On SA Kun HAZUKASHIMERU YASURAKA Korean CWA

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition work , make ; act
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zou6 On SAKU SA Kun TSUKURU NASU Hangul Korean CWU CA

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition ( chem .) azole
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zo6 On ZEI Viet doạ

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition sit ; seat ; ride , travel by
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping co5 zo6 On ZA Kun SUWARU SOZORONI OWASU Hangul Korean CWA Tang *dzhuɑ̀ *dzhuɑ̌
Variant U+5EA7

Unicode 5.2

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition name of a mountain in Shandong
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zok3 On SAKU SHAKU ZAKU Hangul Korean CAK

Unicode 5.2
Pinyin ZUO4

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition seat ; stand , base
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zo6 On ZA Kun SUWARU KURA IMASU Hangul Korean CWA Tang *dzhuɑ̀ Viet toà
Variant U+5750

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition to be ashamed
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zok6 On SAKU ZAKU SA JA Kun HAJIRU Hangul Korean CAK Viet tạc

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition oak ; spinous evergreen tree ; to clear away trees
Pinyin ZUO4 ZE2 ZHA4 Jyutping zaa6 zaak3 zok6 On SAKU Kun HAHASO Hangul Korean CAK CHAYK

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition throne ; bless ; blessing , happiness
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zou6 On SO Kun SAIWAI Hangul Korean CO Tang dzhò Viet tộ

Unicode 5.2
Pinyin ZUO4

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition meat offered in sacrifice to one's ancestors
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zou6 On SO SAKU Kun HIMOROGI Hangul Korean CO

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition mat
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zou3 zou6

Unicode 5.2
Pinyin ZUO4 Viet ven

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition toast one's host with wine ; to express juice by pressing
Pinyin ZUO4 CU4 Jyutping cou3 zaa3 zok6 On SAKU Kun SU Hangul Korean CHO CAK
Variant U+918B

Unicode 5.2
Character Definition the steps leading to the eastern door
Pinyin ZUO4 Jyutping zou6 On SO ZO SAKU ZAKU Kun KIZAHASHI Korean CO

CEDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin zuo4
English to do ; to grow ; to write or compose ; to pretend ; to regard as ; to feel ; writings or works

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作下 Simplified 作下
Pinyin zuo4 xia4
English to do ; to make ( usually bad connotation )

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作主 Simplified 作主
Pinyin zuo4 zhu3
English to decide ; to make decisions ; to back up sb ; support

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作亂 Simplified 作乱
Pinyin zuo4 luan4
English to start a rebellion ; to rise in revolt

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作交易 Simplified 作交易
Pinyin zuo4 jiao1 yi4
English to deal ; to transact

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作人 Simplified 作人
Pinyin zuo4 ren2
English to conduct oneself ; same as 做人

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作伴 Simplified 作伴
Pinyin zuo4 ban4
English to accompany ; to keep sb company

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作假 Simplified 作假
Pinyin zuo4 jia3
English to counterfeit ; to falsify ; to cheat ; to defraud ; fraudulent ; to behave affectedly

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作假賬 Simplified 做假账
Pinyin zuo4 jia3 zhang4
English to falsify accounts

CEDict 100318

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作出讓步 Simplified 作出让步
Pinyin zuo4 chu1 rang4 bu4
English to make a concession ; to compromise

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作勢 Simplified 作势
Pinyin zuo4 shi4
English to adopt an attitude ; to strike a posture

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作古 Simplified 作古
Pinyin zuo4 gu3
English to die ; to pass away

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作古人 Simplified 作古人
Pinyin zuo4 gu3 ren2
English to die ; to pass away

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作合 Simplified 作合
Pinyin zuo4 he2
English to make a match ; to get married

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作品 Simplified 作品
Pinyin zuo4 pin3
English work ( of art ) ; opus

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作哼聲 Simplified 作哼声
Pinyin zuo4 heng1 sheng1
English snort

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作嘔 Simplified 作呕
Pinyin zuo4 ou3
English to feel sick ; to feel nauseous ; to feel disgusted

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作好準備 Simplified 作好准备
Pinyin zuo4 hao3 zhun3 bei4
English to make adequate preparation

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作威作福 Simplified 作威作福
Pinyin zuo4 wei1 zuo4 fu2
English tyrannical abuse ( idiom ); riding roughshod over people

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作客 Simplified 作客
Pinyin zuo4 ke4
English to live somewhere as a visitor ; to stay with sb as a guest ; to sojourn

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作家 Simplified 作家
Pinyin zuo4 jia1
English author

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作對 Simplified 作对
Pinyin zuo4 dui4
English set oneself against ; oppose ; make a pair

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作廢 Simplified 作废
Pinyin zuo4 fei4
English to become invalid ; to cancel ; to delete ; to nullify

CEDict 100318
Traditional 作弊 Simplified 作弊
Pinyin zuo4 bi4
English to practice fraud ; to cheat ; to engage in corrupt practices

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