Unicode 5.2
Character Definition leather strap over horse's neck
Pinyin YANG3 YANG1 Jyutping joeng1 joeng2 On OU YOU Kun MUNAGAI HARAOBI URAMU Hangul Korean ANG Viet óng

CEDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin yang1
English martingale ( leather strap in horse harness ) ; discontented

HanDeDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin yang3
Deutsch Martingal (u.E.) ; Yang (u.E.) ( Eig , Fam )

KanjiDic2 100402
Reading Pinyin yang3 ; yang1 ; yang4 Reading On オウ ; ヨウ Reading Kun むながい Reading Korean ang Reading Korean
Meaning martingale ; breast harness ; saddle girth ; fetter ; shackle ; carry on back

CEDict 100318
Traditional 鞅牛 Simplified 鞅牛
Pinyin yang3 niu2
English cattle harnessed for plowing

JMdict 100319
Word 鞅掌
Reading おうしょう
Translation eng being busy with Translation ger ( schriftspr .) ; starke Geschäftigkeit ; alle Hände voll zu tun haben

CEDict 100318
Traditional 鞅掌 Simplified 鞅掌
Pinyin yang1 zhang3
English busy ; bustling

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