Unicode 5.2
Character Definition concealed the stolen goods in one's dress
Pinyin SHAN3 Jyutping sim2 sin2

JMdict 100319
Word 隠匿物資
Reading いんとくぶっし
Translation eng concealed materials Translation ger versteckte Güter Translation fre matériel , biens dissimulés

JMdict 100319
Word 隠し釘 ; 隠しくぎ
Reading かくしくぎ
Translation eng concealed nail Translation ger von außen nicht sichtbarer Nagel

JMdict 100319
Word 隠し縫い
Reading かくしぬい
Translation eng concealed seams Translation ger verdeckte Naht ; unsichtbare Naht

JMdict 100319
Word 隠し
Reading かくし
Translation eng hidden ; secret ; concealed ; pocket

JMdict 100319
Word 隠しマイク
Reading かくしマイク
Translation eng concealed microphone ; bug

CEDict 100318
Traditional 不外露 Simplified 不外露
Pinyin bu4 wai4 lu4
English not exposed ; concealed from view

CEDict 100318
Traditional 掩藏 Simplified 掩藏
Pinyin yan3 cang2
English hidden ; covered ; concealed

CEDict 100318
Traditional 臥虎 Simplified 卧虎
Pinyin wo4 hu3
English crouching tiger ; fig . major figure in hiding ; concealed talent

CEDict 100318
Traditional Simplified
Pinyin yin3
English secret ; hidden ; concealed ; Greek stem : crypto-

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