Character tools used on a boat Definition
LUN2 LUO4 Pinyin leon4 Jyutping

Character tools to unreel silk Definition
GUA3 JUE2 Pinyin gwaa2 Jyutping

Character tools to draw water or liquid Definition
YU2 Pinyin zyu1 Jyutping

Character tools for boat, name of a boat Definition

器材 Word
きざい Reading
tools and materials Translation eng equipment and materials Translation eng Ausrüstung Translation ger Ausstattung Translation ger Gerät Translation ger Geschirr Translation ger Utensilien Translation ger Werkzeug und Material Translation ger Material für die Herstellung von Werkzeug Translation ger

用具 Word
ようぐ Reading
tools Translation eng implements Translation eng Geräte Translation ger Werkzeuge Translation ger instruments Translation fre outils Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
xie4 Pinyin
tools English

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