Character earthen jar; jar for ashes Definition
WENG4 Pinyin ong3 ung3 Jyutping OU On KAME MIKA Kun Hangul ONG Korean qùng Tang ống Viet

かめ Reading みか Reading みかわ Reading
jar Translation eng jug Translation eng vat Translation eng urn Translation eng vase Translation eng Krug Translation ger Kruke Translation ger Karaffe Translation ger

Word Word
もたい Reading
earthenware vessle for alcoholic beverages Translation eng

おう Reading Ou Romaji

かめ Reading Kame Romaji

つるべ Reading Tsurube Romaji

もたい Reading Motai Romaji

よう Reading You Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Weng4 Pinyin
surname Weng English

Traditional Simplified
weng4 Pinyin
pottery container for water, wine etc English

Traditional Simplified
weng4 Pinyin
Urne (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

weng4 Reading Pinyin オウ Reading On かめ Reading Kun みか Reading Kun もたい Nanori ong Reading Korean Reading Korean
jar Meaning jug Meaning vat Meaning

雍菜 Word 甕菜 Word
ようさい Reading
swamp morning glory (ipomoea aquatica) Translation eng water spinach Translation eng kangkong Translation eng

空芯菜 Word 空心菜 Word
くうしんさい Reading
ipomoea aquatica Translation eng kang kong Translation eng water morning glory Translation eng (Chinese) water spinach Translation eng water convolvulus Translation eng swamp cabbage Translation eng ong choy Translation eng hung tsai Translation eng rau muong Translation eng pak boong Translation eng
甕菜 Crossref

甕臣 Word
みかおみ Reading Mikaomi Romaji

甕城 Traditional 瓮城 Simplified
weng4 cheng2 Pinyin
enceinte of a city gate English barbican entrance to a city English

甕川 Word
みかがわ Reading Mikagawa Romaji

甕岡 Word
かめおか Reading Kameoka Romaji

甕谷 Word
おうこく Reading Oukoku Romaji

甕江 Word
おうこう Reading Oukou Romaji

甕麿 Word
みかまろ Reading Mikamaro Romaji

甕男 Word
みかお Reading Mikao Romaji

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