Character plow side by side; team of two Definition
OU3 Pinyin ngau5 Jyutping GOU GU GUU On Hangul WU Korean

Traditional Simplified
ou3 Pinyin
a pair English a mate English a couple English to couple English plowshare English

ou3 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On Reading On グウ Reading On u Reading Korean
plow side by side Meaning team of two Meaning

耦合 Traditional 耦合 Simplified
ou3 he2 Pinyin
coupling (physics) English copula (statistics) English to be coupled (with sth) English

耦合 Traditional 耦合 Simplified
ou3 he2 Pinyin
einkuppeln (u.E.) Deutsch

耦和器 Traditional 耦和器 Simplified
ou3 he2 qi4 Pinyin
Koppler (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

耦居 Traditional 耦居 Simplified
ou3 ju1 Pinyin
to live together (as husband and wife) English

耦語 Traditional 耦语 Simplified
ou3 yu3 Pinyin
to have a tete-à-tete English to whisper to each other English

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