QIU2 Pinyin
TWO Cangjie Input Code

Character two hands; KangXi radical 55 Definition 9 Value
GONG3 GONG4 NIAN4 Pinyin gung2 Jyutping KYOU KU On SASAGERU Kun trấp Viet
U+5EFF Variant

Character two pieces of jade joined together Definition
JUE2 Pinyin gok3 Jyutping KAK KOK Korean

Character two pieces of jade joined together Definition
JUE2 Pinyin KAKU KOKU On Hangul KAK KOK Korean

Character two hemispherical objects used in divination Definition
JIAO4 Pinyin gaau3 Jyutping KOU KYOU On gàu Tang

Character two boats fastened side by side Definition
BANG4 Pinyin pong3 Jyutping

Character two pieces of wood underneath a cart Definition
FU4 Pinyin fuk1 Jyutping FUKU BUKU On TOKOSHIBARI Kun Hangul POK Korean

Character two outside ones in three horse Definition
CAN1 Pinyin caam1 Jyutping SAN On SOEUMA Kun Hangul CHAM Korean tsom Tang
U+9A96 Simplified

Character two outside ones in three horse Definition
CAN1 Pinyin caam1 Jyutping
U+9A42 Traditional

ツーピース Reading
(women's) two piece suit Translation eng two piece Source Language eng {Kleidung} Zweiteiler Translation ger

阿鼻叫喚 Word
あびきょうかん Reading
agonizing cries Translation eng pandemonium Translation eng two of Buddhism's hells Translation eng {Buddh.} buddhistischen Hölle Translation ger vollkommenes Durcheinander Translation ger Pandämonium Translation ger Avîci und Raurava Translation ger (zwei buddhistische brennende Höllen) Translation ger 2 des enfers bouddhiques Translation fre désordre et désolation absolus Translation fre padémonium Translation fre

一心同体 Word
いっしんどうたい Reading
being one in body and soul Translation eng of one flesh Translation eng two hearts beating as one Translation eng Herz und eine Seele Translation ger

一連 Word 一嗹 Word
いちれん Reading
series Translation eng chain Translation eng sequence Translation eng two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper) Translation eng verse Translation eng stanza Translation eng Reihe Translation ger Serie Translation ger Abfolge Translation ger Kette Translation ger Ries Translation ger

偶作 Word
ぐうさく Reading
something accidentally accomplished Translation eng two working together Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger zufällig entstandenes Werk Translation ger

双方 Word
そうほう Reading
two way Translation eng both parties Translation eng mutual Translation eng both Translation eng beide Seiten Translation ger beide Parteien Translation ger deux Translation fre deux chemins Translation fre deux parties Translation fre mutuel Translation fre

双輪 Word
そうりん Reading
two wheels Translation eng zwei Räder Translation ger

Reading ふた Reading Reading ふう Reading
two Translation eng zwei Translation ger 2 Translation ger deux Translation fre два Translation rus

二けた Word
ふたけた Reading
two digits Translation eng double figures Translation eng {Math.} zwei Stellen Translation ger deux chiffres Translation fre

二つ Word 2つ Word
ふたつ Reading
two Translation eng zwei Translation ger zwei Jahre alt Translation ger deux Translation fre два Translation rus

二箇所 Word
にかしょ Reading
two parts Translation eng

二階屋 Word
にかいや Reading
two storey house Translation eng two story house Translation eng

二君 Word
にくん Reading
two masters Translation eng

二結び Word
ふたむすび Reading
two half hitches Translation eng

二月 Word
ふたつき Reading
two months Translation eng zwei Monate Translation ger

二言 Word
ふたこと Reading
two words Translation eng repetition Translation eng zwei Wörter Translation ger

二三 Word
にさん Reading
two or three Translation eng zwei oder drei Translation ger paar Translation ger einige Translation ger

二死 Word
にし Reading
two out (e.g. in baseball) Translation eng two down (and one to go) Translation eng {Baseb.} zwei Aus Translation ger

二字 Word
にじ Reading
two characters Translation eng name Translation eng

二次元 Word
にじげん Reading
two dimensions Translation eng {Math.} zweite Dimension Translation ger

二者 Word
にしゃ Reading
two things Translation eng two persons Translation eng

二者択一 Word
にしゃたくいつ Reading
two alternatives Translation eng selecting an option (from two alternatives) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Alternative Translation ger Entscheidung zwischen zwei Möglichkeiten Translation ger Entweder-Oder Translation ger alternative Translation fre

二手 Word
ふたて Reading
two groups Translation eng two bands Translation eng beide Hände Translation ger zwei Gruppen Translation ger

二種 Word
にしゅ Reading
two kinds Translation eng second-class (e.g. mail) Translation eng zweite Klasse Translation ger zwei Arten Translation ger

二週間 Word
にしゅうかん Reading
fortnight Translation eng two weeks Translation eng

二重 Word
にじゅう Reading ふたえ Reading
double Translation eng two-fold Translation eng two layers Translation eng duplex Translation eng Zweifachheit Translation ger Doppeltheit Translation ger double Translation fre double couche Translation fre

二人分 Word
ふたりぶん Reading
two persons' portion Translation eng

二世 Word
にせい Reading
second generation Translation eng foreigner of Japanese parentage Translation eng junior Translation eng two existences Translation eng the present and the future Translation eng the second (king of the same name) Translation eng Nisei Translation ger (japanischstämmiger Amerikaner der zweiten Generation) Translation ger der Zweite Translation ger II Translation ger zweite Generation Translation ger Junior Translation ger deuxième génération/cadet/deuxième du nom/étranger de lignée japonaise Translation fre два поколе́ния Translation rus второ́е поколе́ние Translation rus второ́й (в именах) Translation rus

二足 Word
にそく Reading
two legs Translation eng two feet Translation eng two pairs Translation eng zwei Paar Translation ger

二通 Word 2通 Word
につう Reading
two copies Translation eng

二通り Word
ふたとおり Reading
duplicate pair Translation eng two kinds Translation eng two ways Translation eng twofold Translation eng zwei Arten Translation ger

二度 Word
にど Reading
two times Translation eng twice Translation eng two degrees Translation eng zweimal Translation ger два ра́за Translation rus

二道 Word
ふたみち Reading
branch roads Translation eng forked roads Translation eng crossroads Translation eng two ways (of proceeding) Translation eng Gabelung Translation ger Abzweigung Translation ger Zweiteilung Translation ger zwei Möglichkeiten Translation ger zwei Eisen im Feuer haben Translation ger

二日 Word 2日 Word
ふつか Reading
second day of the month Translation eng two days Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (Tag eines Monats) Translation ger zweite Tag eines Monats Translation ger zwei Tage Translation ger deuxième jour du mois Translation fre два дня Translation rus второе (число месяца) Translation rus

二念 Word
にねん Reading
two ideas Translation eng

二部 Word
にぶ Reading
two parts Translation eng two copies Translation eng the second part Translation eng zwei Teile Translation ger

二毛作 Word
にもうさく Reading
two crops a year Translation eng {Landw.} zwei Ernten im Jahr Translation ger

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