Character sides of chariot where weapons Definition
ZHE2 Pinyin zip3 zit3 Jyutping CHOU On WAKIGI SUNAWACHI Kun Hangul CHEP Korean djiɛp Tang
U+8F84 Simplified

Character sides of chariot were weapons Definition

Character sides of chariot where weapons Definition
ZHE2 Pinyin zip3 Jyutping
U+8F12 Traditional

陣營 Traditional 阵营 Simplified
zhen4 ying2 Pinyin
group of people English camp English faction English sides in a dispute English

zhe2 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On すなわち Reading Kun わきぎ Reading Kun cheob Reading Korean Reading Korean
sides of chariot were weapons Meaning

小事件 Word
しょうじけん Reading
minor incident Translation eng sideshow Translation eng

サイドスリップ Reading
sideslip Translation eng

絶倒 Word
ぜっとう Reading
extreme excitement Translation eng sidesplitting laughter Translation eng Sich-Biegen vor Lachen Translation ger

橫步 Traditional 横步 Simplified
heng2 bu4 Pinyin
sidestep (in dance) English step sideways English

迴避 Traditional 迴避 Simplified
hui2 bi4 Pinyin
avoid English sidestep English skirt (an issue) English

変化 Word
へんか Reading
change Translation eng variation Translation eng alteration Translation eng mutation Translation eng transition Translation eng transformation Translation eng transfiguration Translation eng metamorphosis Translation eng variety Translation eng diversity Translation eng inflection Translation eng declension Translation eng conjugation Translation eng sidestepping (sumo) Translation eng Veränderung Translation ger Wandel Translation ger Wandlung Translation ger Wechsel Translation ger Abwechslung Translation ger Umgestaltung Translation ger {Gramm.} Flexion Translation ger Beugung Translation ger Konjugation Translation ger Deklination Translation ger changement Translation fre transformation Translation fre перемена Translation rus изменение Translation rus

サイドストローク Reading
sidestroke Translation eng {Schwimmen} Seitenschwimmen Translation ger

横泳ぎ Word
よこおよぎ Reading
sidestroke (swim.) Translation eng {Schwimmen} Seitenschlag Translation ger seitliches Schwimmen Translation ger

伸し Word
のし Reading
stretching Translation eng sidestroke (in swimming) Translation eng
横泳ぎ Crossref

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