Character frame on which silkworms spin Definition
CU4 COU4 CHUO4 Pinyin cuk1 cuk6 Jyutping ZOKU SOU On MABUSHI Kun Hangul CWU Korean

ケースアース Reading
case earth Source Language eng chassis ground Translation eng frame ground Translation eng

コマ Reading
coma Translation eng frame in a film or video Translation eng Kreisel Translation ger

フレーム Reading
frame Translation eng flame (abusive or threatening message) Translation eng Rahmen Translation ger {Elektrot.} (einzelnes) Translation ger Fernsehbild. Translation ger

フレームアウト Reading
frame out Translation eng

フレームイン Reading
frame in Translation eng

フレームバッファ Reading
frame buffer Translation eng

一齣 Word 一こま Word 一駒 Word
ひとこま Reading
scene Translation eng frame Translation eng shot Translation eng {Film, Theat.} Szene Translation ger Abschnitt Translation ger Einstellung Translation ger Bild Translation ger

架台 Word
かだい Reading
stand Translation eng frame Translation eng abutment Translation eng Baugerüst Translation ger Stützkonstruktion Translation ger Gerüst Translation ger Rahmen Translation ger

額縁 Word
がくぶち Reading
frame (e.g. picture frame, decorative door frame, etc.) Translation eng Bilderrahmen Translation ger Rahmen Translation ger gerahmtes Bild Translation ger cadre Translation fre encadrement Translation fre tableau Translation fre

骨格 Word 骨骼 Word
こっかく Reading
skeleton Translation eng skeletal structure Translation eng build Translation eng frame Translation eng physique Translation eng framework Translation eng Körperbau Translation ger Knochengerüst Translation ger Gerippe Translation ger Skelett Translation ger ossature Translation fre squelette Translation fre

車体 Word
しゃたい Reading
body (of car) Translation eng frame Translation eng Karosserie Translation ger (eines Autos) Translation ger Rahmen eines Fahrrades Translation ger

巣箱 Word
すばこ Reading
nest box Translation eng (bee) hive Translation eng frame Translation eng super Translation eng Nistkasten Translation ger Vogelhäuschen Translation ger Bienenkorb Translation ger

どう Reading
trunk Translation eng torso Translation eng body Translation eng abdomen Translation eng waist Translation eng plastron (in kendo) Translation eng touching the plastron (kimari-te in kendo) Translation eng frame (of a drum, etc.) Translation eng sound box (of a shamisen, etc.) Translation eng hull (of a ship) Translation eng Rumpf Translation ger Taille Translation ger Leib Translation ger Schallkörper Translation ger caisse Translation fre corps Translation fre fût Translation fre taille Translation fre

Word Word
わく Reading
frame Translation eng slide Translation eng border Translation eng Rahmen Translation ger Fensterrahmen Translation ger Einfassung Translation ger Garnrolle Translation ger Spule Translation ger Brillengestell Translation ger Brillenfassung Translation ger Eingrenzung Translation ger Limit Translation ger cadre Translation fre

こま Reading
frame (e.g. in film) Translation eng Einzelbild Translation ger Standbild Translation ger Szene Translation ger (beim Film) Translation ger Wochenstunde Translation ger

肋骨 Word あばら骨 Word
あばらぼね Reading ろっこつ Reading
rib Translation eng frame (of a ship) Translation eng {Anat.} Rippe Translation ger

枠組み Word 枠組 Word
わくぐみ Reading
frame Translation eng framework Translation eng Einrahmen Translation ger Rahmen Translation ger Gerüst Translation ger Rahmen Translation ger Rahmenwerk Translation ger Abriss Translation ger Übersicht Translation ger cadre Translation fre ossature Translation fre structure Translation fre ébauche Translation fre esquisse Translation fre

図体 Word
ずうたい Reading
body Translation eng frame Translation eng große Gestalt Translation ger großer Körper Translation ger

木造家屋 Word
もくぞうかおく Reading
wooden house Translation eng frame house (building) Translation eng Holzhaus Translation ger Holzgebäude Translation ger

一齣一齣 Word
ひとこまひとこま Reading
frame by frame Translation eng every frame Translation eng

枠物語 Word
わくものがたり Reading
frame story Translation eng frame narrative Translation eng frame tale Translation eng

フレームベース Reading
frame based Translation eng

フレームリレー Reading
frame relay Translation eng

フレームレート Reading
frame rate Translation eng

さん Reading
frame (i.e. of a sliding door) Translation eng crosspiece Translation eng bar Translation eng sliding wooden bolt (for holding a door or window shut) Translation eng rung (of a ladder) Translation eng

フレイム Reading Frame Romaji

參照系 Traditional 参照系 Simplified
can1 zhao4 xi4 Pinyin
frame of reference English coordinate frame (math.) English

參考系 Traditional 参考系 Simplified
can1 kao3 xi4 Pinyin
frame of reference English

Traditional Simplified
zheng4 Pinyin
frame English one of a pair (scrolls) English picture English

幀中繼 Traditional 帧中继 Simplified
zheng4 zhong1 ji4 Pinyin
frame relay English

幀格式 Traditional 帧格式 Simplified
zheng4 ge2 shi4 Pinyin
frame format English

心境 Traditional 心境 Simplified
xin1 jing4 Pinyin
mood English mental state English frame of mind English

心情 Traditional 心情 Simplified
xin1 qing2 Pinyin
mood English frame of mind English

支架 Traditional 支架 Simplified
zhi1 jia4 Pinyin
trestle English support English frame English to prop sth up English

Traditional Simplified
jia4 Pinyin
to support English frame English rack English framework English classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios etc English

架子 Traditional 架子 Simplified
jia4 zi5 Pinyin
shelf English frame English stand English framework English airs English arrogance English

Traditional Simplified
ge2 Pinyin
square English frame English rule English (legal) case English style English character English standard English pattern English (classical) to obstruct English to hinder English (classical) to arrive English to come English (classical) to investigate English to study exhaustively English

Traditional Simplified
kuang4 Pinyin
frame (e.g. door frame) English casing English fig. framework English template English to circle (i.e. draw a circle around sth) English to frame English to restrict English

框子 Traditional 框子 Simplified
kuang4 zi5 Pinyin
frame (of spectacles, small ornament etc) English

框架 Traditional 框架 Simplified
kuang4 jia4 Pinyin
frame English framework English fig. pattern English outline English organizing plan English

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