xu3 Reading Pinyin hu3 Reading Pinyin キョ Reading On ゆる. Reading Kun もと Reading Kun heo Reading Korean ho Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
permit Meaning approve Meaning autorisation Meaning fr permettre Meaning fr seulement Meaning fr permitir Meaning es perdonar Meaning es dejar Meaning es excusar Meaning es permitir Meaning pt aprovar Meaning pt

zan4 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On たす.ける Reading Kun たた.える Reading Kun chan Reading Korean Reading Korean
approve Meaning praise Meaning title or inscription on picture Meaning assist Meaning agree with Meaning approuver Meaning fr accord Meaning fr louanges Meaning fr assister Meaning fr inscription sur une peinture Meaning fr admirar Meaning es alabar Meaning es elogiar Meaning es ayudar Meaning es consentir Meaning es aprobar Meaning es aprovar Meaning pt elogiar Meaning pt título ou inscrição em gravura Meaning pt auxiliar Meaning pt concordar com Meaning pt

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