qing4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On よろこ. Reading Kun Nanori きよん Nanori Nanori みち Nanori Nanori やす Nanori よし Nanori gyeong Reading Korean gang Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
jubilation Meaning congratulate Meaning rejoice Meaning be happy Meaning jubiler Meaning fr se réjouir Meaning fr féliciter Meaning fr être heureux Meaning fr júbilo Meaning es felicidad Meaning es diversión Meaning es regocijo Meaning es júbilo Meaning pt congratular Meaning pt regozijar-se Meaning pt estar feliz Meaning pt

yu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On たの.しい Reading Kun たの.しむ Reading Kun ゆう Nanori yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
pleasure Meaning happy Meaning rejoice Meaning plaisir Meaning fr joyeux Meaning fr agréable Meaning fr diversión Meaning es regocijo Meaning es prazer Meaning pt feliz Meaning pt júbilo Meaning pt

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