TIAO1 Pinyin
ASH Cangjie Input Code

はい Reading
ash Translation eng ashes Translation eng Asche Translation ger cendre Translation fre пепел Translation rus

灰均し Word
はいならし Reading
ash leveler Translation eng (japanisches) Translation ger Aschenschäufelchen Translation ger

灰受け Word
はいうけ Reading
ash pan Translation eng ash tray Translation eng Aschkasten Translation ger

灰分 Word
かいぶん Reading
ash Translation eng Asche Translation ger

灰落とし Word 灰落し Word
はいおとし Reading
ash tray Translation eng ash pit Translation eng Aschenbecher Translation ger

灰燼 Word
かいじん Reading
ash Translation eng embers Translation eng complete destruction Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Asche und verkohlte Überreste Translation ger

灰篩 Word
はいふるい Reading
ash strainer Translation eng Ascherost Translation ger

冬瓜 Word
とうがん Reading とうが Reading
wax gourd (Benincasa hispida) Translation eng ash gourd Translation eng white gourd Translation eng winter melon Translation eng {Bot.} Wintermelone Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Benincasa hispida>) Translation ger

秦皮 Word
とねりこ Reading
ash (tree) Translation eng {Bot.} japanische Esche Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Fraxinus japonica>) Translation ger

アッシュ Reading
ash Translation eng Zinder Translation ger ausgeglühte Kohle Translation ger Kohlenschlacke Translation ger Kohlenasche Translation ger

丸葉青だも Word
まるばあおだも Reading マルバアオダモ Reading
ash Translation eng fraxinus sieboldiana Translation eng

灰匙 Word
はいさじ Reading
ash scoop (tea ceremony) Translation eng

灰器 Word
はいき Reading
ash box (used in tea ceremony) Translation eng

アッシュ Reading Asch Romaji Ash Romaji Ashe Romaji

Traditional Simplified
hui1 Pinyin
ash English dust English lime English gray English discouraged English dejected English

灰白色 Traditional 灰白色 Simplified
hui1 bai2 se4 Pinyin
ash gray English

灰色 Traditional 灰色 Simplified
hui1 se4 Pinyin
gray English grey English ash gray English grizzly English pessimistic English gloomy English dispirited English ambiguous English

紙灰 Traditional 纸灰 Simplified
zhi3 hui1 Pinyin
ash from burnt paper English

蒼蒼 Traditional 苍苍 Simplified
cang1 cang1 Pinyin
ash gray English vast and hazy English flourishing English

Character hoarse of voice Definition
A2 SHA4 Pinyin aa2 saa3 Jyutping SA On KARERU Kun SA AY Korean

唖者 Word
あしゃ Reading
mute person Translation eng

アシャー Reading Asha (Russia) Romaji

アシャール Reading Achard Romaji

アシャン Reading Ashan Romaji

アシェール Reading Acher Romaji

アシェイムド Reading
ashamed Translation eng

アシェソン Reading Acheson Romaji

アシェット Reading Hachette Romaji

悪し Word
あし Reading
evil Translation eng

Word Word Word Word
あし Reading よし Reading アシ Reading ヨシ Reading
common reed (Phragmites australis) Translation eng {Bot.} Schilf Translation ger Schilfrohr Translation ger Ried Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Phragmites communis>) Translation ger

Word Word Word
あし Reading
foot Translation eng leg Translation eng gait Translation eng pace Translation eng bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji Translation eng means of transportation Translation eng Fuß Translation ger Bein Translation ger Pfote Translation ger Huf Translation ger Bein einer Hose Translation ger Tiefgang Translation ger (eines Schiffes) Translation ger Stiel Translation ger Schritt Translation ger Laufen Translation ger Transportmittel Translation ger Verderblichkeit von Lebensmitteln Translation ger Reichweite Translation ger Absatz Translation ger Umsatz Translation ger Nachfrage Translation ger Standfestigkeit Translation ger allure (de la marche) Translation fre demarche Translation fre jambe Translation fre pied Translation fre нога Translation rus

アシ Reading
assistant Translation eng
アシスタント Crossref

あし Reading Ashi Romaji

尼子 Word
あし Reading Ashi Romaji

あし Reading Ashi Romaji

あし Reading Ashi Romaji

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