Character a tiled house, brick wall of a well Definition
BAI2 Pinyin baak6 Jyutping

Character a kind of species of myna (or mynah); a grackle Definition
BAI2 Pinyin baak6 Jyutping

Character white; pure, unblemished; bright Definition
BAI2 BO2 Pinyin baak6 Jyutping HAKU BYAKU On SHIRO SHIROI MOUSU Kun Hangul PAYK PAY Korean *bhæk Tang bạch Viet

𪡈 Character used in transliteration Definition
BAI2 BO2 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
bai2 Pinyin
white English snowy English pure English bright English empty English blank English plain English clear English to make clear English in vain English gratuitous English free of charge English reactionary English anti-communist English funeral English to stare coldly English to write wrong character English to state English to explain English vernacular English spoken lines in opera English surname Bai English

白乾兒 Traditional 白干儿 Simplified
bai2 gan1 r5 Pinyin
alcoholic spirit English strong white rice wine English

白事 Traditional 白事 Simplified
bai2 shi4 Pinyin
funeral English to explain (literary) English

白云母 Traditional 白云母 Simplified
bai2 yun2 mu3 Pinyin
muscovite English white mica English

白人 Traditional 白人 Simplified
bai2 ren2 Pinyin
white man and woman English

白令海 Traditional 白令海 Simplified
Bai2 ling4 Hai3 Pinyin
Bering Sea English

白佛 Traditional 白佛 Simplified
bai2 fo2 Pinyin
to ask Buddha English

白俄 Traditional 白俄 Simplified
bai2 e2 Pinyin
abbr. for 白俄羅斯|白俄罗斯 Belarus English

白俄羅斯 Traditional 白俄罗斯 Simplified
Bai2 e2 luo2 si1 Pinyin
Belarus English Byelorussia English White Russia English

白內障 Traditional 白内障 Simplified
bai2 nei4 zhang4 Pinyin
cataract English

白刃 Traditional 白刃 Simplified
bai2 ren4 Pinyin
naked sword English

白化病 Traditional 白化病 Simplified
bai2 hua4 bing4 Pinyin
albinism English

白化症 Traditional 白化症 Simplified
bai2 hua4 zheng4 Pinyin
albinism English

白匪 Traditional 白匪 Simplified
bai2 fei3 Pinyin
White bandits English

白區 Traditional 白区 Simplified
bai2 qu1 Pinyin
White Area English

白卷 Traditional 白卷 Simplified
bai2 juan4 Pinyin
blank exam paper English

白口鐵 Traditional 白口铁 Simplified
bai2 kou3 tie3 Pinyin
white iron English

白吃 Traditional 白吃 Simplified
bai2 chi1 Pinyin
to scrounge for food English

白喉 Traditional 白喉 Simplified
bai2 hou2 Pinyin
diphtheria English

白喉毒素 Traditional 白喉毒素 Simplified
bai2 hou2 du2 su4 Pinyin
diphtheria toxin English

白堊 Traditional 白垩 Simplified
bai2 e4 Pinyin
chalk English

白堊世 Traditional 白垩世 Simplified
bai2 e4 shi4 Pinyin
Cretaceous (geological period) English

白報紙 Traditional 白报纸 Simplified
bai2 bao4 zhi3 Pinyin
newsprint English

白壁微瑕 Traditional 白壁微瑕 Simplified
bai2 bi4 wei1 xia2 Pinyin
a slight blemish English

白夜 Traditional 白夜 Simplified
bai2 ye4 Pinyin
white night English

白天 Traditional 白天 Simplified
bai2 tian1 Pinyin
daytime English during the day English day English

白奴 Traditional 白奴 Simplified
bai2 nu2 Pinyin
white collar slavery English

白字 Traditional 白字 Simplified
bai2 zi4 Pinyin
wrongly written and mispronounced character English

白宮 Traditional 白宫 Simplified
Bai2 gong1 Pinyin
White House English

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